Conscious Compassion Class

Heather Fleming, Nourishment Supporter (aka Clinical Nutritionist) and David Fugel, Master Emotional Freedom Technique Practioner, are two Sherpas spreading compassion, joy and self-love.

This class involves debunking beliefs, thoughts and habits that are not supporting you to be your highest self.

We will have weekly discussions, inspired homework suggestions, and a co-creative workbook.

Perfect timing during the holidays to help your heart stay open and loving.

Our intention for you is to learn and explore how to: 

  • Accept exactly where you are compassionately
  • Stop being your own worst critic
  • Recognize beliefs that are not serving you and replace them with empowering beliefs
  • Find self-inspiration rather than self-criticism
  • Transform difficult relationships and attract new ones that you have been waiting for
  • Find clarity where there is confusion
  • Become your own guru

We begin Wednesday, November 29th @ 5 pm PST/8 pm EST

We will have three sessions following on Wednesday, December 6th, 13th, and 20th at the same times listed above.

All calls will be recorded for your listening convenience.


Manifest more love and your true desires with more clarity and heaps of Self-Compassion.


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