Create a nourishing, yet flexible monthly structure.

End Extreme Diets that are impossible to stick too

Three Monthly Experiments to practice as you relieve stress, congestion and excess toxins.

End obsessing over what to eat and the guilt around your relationship with food.

of feeling guilty, wishing you would have eaten better, and miserable with food.

After years of research and supporting many of my fellow REBELLIOUS clients, I've discovered a healthier, happier way to achieve true health without mind numbing diets or emotional denial.

If you feel frustrated trying to stay on a diet, you are not alone.

You are NOT meant to live a static, rigid life. Instead, you are meant to enjoy your food, relationships, your body and life.

We will experiment every month with a simple nutrition plan and approach to help you feel safe, nourished and supported.

Nourishing Experiments will
help you achieve....

Feeling in control of your choices and cravings

Meal Plan with extreme ease and a NEW perspective

Dine out, enjoy celebrations and feel good in your jeans at the same time

Never worry about staying another extreme diet plan again

Stop gaining 10 pounds year after year.

Reduce stress around eating perfectly while reducing inflammation and cortisol

Nourish YOUniversity gives you simple goals each month
so you never feel "off or on" a diet plan ever again

During your

Nourish YOUniversity experience. You will…

We have three experiments a month that you practice each month. With my tips, resources, guidance and cheerleading, you will practice some of my favorite nutrition modalities to help you CLEAR your inner clutter around your beliefs, emotional congestion, and nutrition confusion, so you CAN only TRUST your OWN intuition

VIDEO GUIDANCE, weekly tips, and emotional support ALONG YOUR JOURNEY at NOURISH YOUniversity
I will walk you through…

Experiment 1: The Conscious Nutrition Meals & Feel program

Experiment 2: The Conscious Nutrition 3-Day Jump Start

Experiment 3: “Lighten Your Load” Up to 24-hour LIGHT eating day once a month.

These challenges will help you feel in control of your day-to-day stress of what to eat.
I will guide you to become your own Guru so you can stop looking towards diets and trends full of rules

Private Coaching

We meet for an introductory one-on-one to set you up for success. You will complete the intake form, we will review to make sure we are a good fit like almond butter and organic jelly.

The Meals & Feels program, & Expert Interviews

I created easy to digest modules for you to review each week or at your leisure. Also, I bring in my peers and mentors to help us dive deeper into the journey of self.

LIVE Monthly Healthy Happy Hours, Weekly education and inspiration in the & Private Membership Group

We meet each month to discuss one of the modules to help you deepen your understanding and consciousness.

Live 4-Week Seasonal Master Class

We add in a Seasonal 4-week Masterclass with education, mental and emotional preparation and other logistics that are not meant to create more stress. This is not about doing it "perfectly", instead it is about using your heart and gut more than your mind.
Your mantra: Connection NOT Perfection

Monthly Breathwork Sessions

These twice a month sessions will support your nervous system, emotional well-being and mindfulness. I am trained as a Neurodynamic Breathwork Facilitator. This simple breath technique is combined with a music-led experience to help release stress and emotional stagnation.

Conscious Nutrition Courses &

You receive the Meals & Feels recipe book which supports you to choose recipes from a new perspective. Such as flavor, temperature and the Conscious Nutrition Meal Types. When you practice trust and choose meals with more conscious reasoning. Also, the Conscious Nutrition Cravings book, Journal and other resources will be in your member's portal.

NOURISH YOUniveristy work?

This isn’t another quick fix, do it perfectly program. You are the program. Becoming the Guru of you is what will switch your health from being a task to your true lifestyle.

We will consistently be adding in nourishing tips, ideas and real time support.

We are experimenting monthly with three simple nutrition challenges to help you break free from feeling stuck and confused.

As a recovering perfectionist, I was seeking to find the perfect diet. This left me bloated, and miserable and my thoughts were completely obsessive.

Then one day, I wondered if our natural instincts and inner wisdom offered us more information than the constant confusion from the latest fad diets and numerous experts.

Nourish YOUniversity do for you?

I want to help you not feel lost and disempowered and spend ALL of your energy exhausted by your obsessive thoughts around food. You might have been dismayed by past diets and now it is time to let go of counting points, macronutrients and measuring. The Biggest Loser went off the air for many reasons and our health is one of the biggest priorities in these stressful times.

The Feel Your Meal process, the Food Tree & Meal Types, and the Seasonal Masterclass, along with the other resources, are going to help you end the painful loop of being on and off the wagon.

is for you if...

♥ You are DONE dieting. You refuse to put yourself through another yo-yo experience.

♥ You are mentally exhausted from talking about what to eat and who to trust.

♥ You are open to being curious, experimenting and approaching this process with a new perspective.

♥ You believe food can bring up some troubling emotions and are ready to practice feeling them.

♥ You want to become the expert of you by trusting your OWN inner wisdom.

may not be for you if...

♥ You want to become a scientific expert in nutrition.

♥ You don’t believe unprocessed emotions and feelings can cause stress in your body and organs.

♥ You prefer exact meal plans and being told what to eat for an extended period of time.

♥ You don’t enjoy food.

I so understand and respect exactly what is happening for you with your nutrition journey.
You got this!

“Heather’s courses have become so important in the continuing process of healing my relationship with food. I am learning to stop, listen, and feel what my body needs in that moment.”

David F.

Your nutrition plan Control YOU!
Discover nutrition relief and resilience as you nourish your nervous system.

Paid in Full

$ 2500 for 6 months
  • LIVE 4-week Master Class per season ($555)
  • Two private consults a month ($1800)
  • TWO Neurodynamic Breathwork Sessions per month ($420)
  • Private Members Facebook Group ($580)
  • LIVE: Monthly & Weekly Healthy Happy Hours ($880)
  • Expert Interviews ($299)
  • Member Portal access for one year
  • Three Experiments to practice each month

Payment Plan

$ 555 DOWN Payment, then $333 a month for 6 months
  • LIVE 4-week Master Class each year ($555)
  • Two privates consults a month ($1800)
  • Two Neurodynamic Breathwork Sessions per month ($420)
  • Private Members Facebook Group ($580)
  • LIVE: Monthly & Weekly Healthy Happy Hours ($880)
  • Expert Interview ($299)
  • Member Portal access for one year
  • Three Experiments to practice each month