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Introducing The Conscious Nutrition
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This is not your “typical” recipe book. Most books have heaps of ingredients per recipe and you have to follow them perfectly for it to turn out. Instead, this is a simple recipe book to help you choose comforting meals to satiate your cravings, balance your blood sugar and help you learn how to listen to YOUR body. Tuning into your OWN instincts is the best “diet” to follow. 

Food is part of our life through health, celebration, community, and comfort. The Conscious Nutrition Meals & Feels has over 150 recipes that will allow you choose high-quality foods to support you and your family.

You’ll find recipes for salads, enchiladas, meatloaf, pizza, and especially dessert. The eBook supports the Conscious Nutrition Program and uses the Conscious Nutrition Food Tree (Protein meals, Starch meals, Combined meals & Vegan meals). Each recipe will enhance your digestive system, increase your energy and heal how you relate to food.

Along with the recipes being organized by different Meal Types, you will choose recipes that match which Flavor Type you are craving.

You know those mornings when you wake up and you want something either Hot & Sweet? You can head to the recipe book and scroll to my famous pancake recipe! Or if you are craving something Cold & Savory, you can head to this section to get some ideas. 

This is how to create a successful and healthy relationship with food. Tune into YOUR body first and then nourish! 

We want others to live a life of vitality and joy. When you feed and nourish your body, you will prevent disease symptoms and feel energized to contribute more of yourself in this world.

Conscious Nutrition Meals & Feels Recipe Book!

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