Your Bladder is Big Enough to Hold it

One of the main issues that can prevent fat loss is if you wake up in the middle of the night and use the restroom. It is very important that your body receives REM sleep. When you sleep preferably from 10 pm to 6 am, your body goes into recovery, restore and refuel mode. If you wake up in the night time and disrupt this process, it leaves you feeling tired and you grab that extra cup of caffeine and start the cycle all over again. Scientists have found there are seven types of brain waves. The most common known are as follows: Delta state – when you are in a very deep sleep. Theta state – still asleep, but mostly dreaming, you’re very relaxed; you can also access this state when you’re in meditation. Alpha state – you’re awake, but relatively quiet, the gateway between left and right brain is open, you’re in what is called the ‘whole brain’ learning state. Beta state – when you are wide-awake where you can think of many things at once. Beta is where you also experience stress, tension, depression, self-doubts, and emotional outbursts. It’s where you experience negative thinking. Beta is left brain driven. Spending your entire waking-life in Beta is like driving your car a thousand kilometres in first gear. You’ll eventually get to your destination, but it will take an eternity, and you certainly won’t enjoy the journey. As you can see if you are in a state of stress your body goes into fight and flight mode, which is only good for a short time and not the whole day. Conscious Nutrition wants to support you to reach your Alpha and Theta state. Please contact us with any questions or concerns. Conscious Nutrition Sincerely, Heather Fleming

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