You know what “THEY” say…

How many times have we said, “You know what they say”?

In regards to health, news, politics, science, google, religion, you name it.

Is it because we want to be guided and connect with others who share similar beliefs? Or do we want to figure out what is true?

When I first started studying nutrition, I wanted to find the perfect someone, just to tell me what to eat to be healthy, only to realize “they” were a bit contradictory and may not always know what is best.

However, in search of the truth, I researched and read hundreds of books, went to heaps of seminars regarding science, a variety of healing modalities, quantum physics, and spirituality, and asked healthy-looking people what their secrets were. And after over 25 years of research, there are many common denominators that helped me create the Conscious Nutrition philosophy and programs.

Most people I work with are MALNOURISHED.

It isn’t about that they ate ‘bad’, it is because they aren’t getting what their organs and cells need. Then our body goes into a deficit, causing an environment for disease symptoms to propel.

The foundation of a healthy nutrition program.

  1. Low-inflammatory/alkaline foods: Having a foundational diet consisting of whole, nutrient-dense foods, that do not cause instant inflammation or blood sugar spikes. There are a variety of diets that tell you which foods are and aren’t. They have a common denominator, veggies, quality proteins, sea veggies, greens, some beans and some nuts. However, if you have food sensitivities, leaky gut, liver dysfunction, or stress, then certain foods at certain times or seasons do not support you. YOU have to discover what your own body needs.
  2. Plant Power: The power of plant-based meals helps us increase our fiber and support mineral intake. People who live in the have access to fresh-grown foods in their garden or community. I definitely do not eat veggies at every meal. However it is all about balance, and getting the veggies in the next meal or next day as soon as you can.
  3. Digestive health and integrity: It is all about the gut/brain connection. When our digestive lining is leaky and not absorbing nutrients, we are in crisis. During our 4-week Master Class, we focus on supporting the gut lining so you can heal and absorb nutrients.
  4. Healthy Nervous System: I personally have had anxiety for many decades of my life. I thought that it was normal to be stressed to ‘get things done’. I started meditating over 15 years ago and it saved my life. Whatever modality you need for YOU to lower stress is what will work best.
  5. Lower stress levels: When stress hormones stay high, your body is sucking minerals from your cells, bones, brain, heart and skin. All the big organs. If our thoughts and mental operating system are in a state of fear, guilt, and shame, we are fighting an uphill battle. I created the Food Relationship Type quiz to help you understand what your inner dialogue is repeating EVERYDAY! Did you know we have over 60-80,000 thoughts per day? And about 80-90% of them are repeated each day. This alone can cause your body to feel depleted, and no amount of caffeine or adrenaline-causing medications can counteract it.

If you want to learn more about how your brain chemistry, pituitary, and pineal gland help us create a more conscious life, watch my webinar “How Hyped is Your Hypothalamus”.

We spoke about…

  • The function of the hypothalamus is to keep us in balance. Hint: Our body does NOT like extremes.
  • How your pituitary gland manages your stress hormones
  • How to decalcify your pineal gland
  • And how you can focus your thoughts to help you manifest your desires and health.

Here is the recording for you!

video preview

Here is the presentation for you to download.

How Hyped is Your Hypothalamus?.pdf

If you found this information interesting and would like to learn more about Nourish YOUniversity, and my upcoming 4-week Master Class beginning on October 11th, click below to set up a time for us to connect.

Thank you for your continuous support.

with abundant nourishment,

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Heather Fleming, C.C.N. ​Conscious. Compassion. Nutrition.

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