You have to check out this Time magazine article

Have you ever had an a-ha moment? I think I am addicted to them and NOW totally understand its science. I have probably grabbed two magazines in the past decade while standing in the checkout line. As an empath and sensitive person (my superpower), I try not to read the headlines on magazines but I am so glad I grabbed this one. 

~”We’ve been able to map the ‘burst of enthusiasm’ when the solution to a problem pops into consciousness”~John Kounios, brain-sciences professor at Drexel University.~

The article on page 12 conducted a study where the three words that had one word in common, for example, “pine, crab and sauce” all have apple in common. The subjects were shown the three words and were told to press a button and announce the solution. Then they had to press another button to indicate whether they arrived at it analytically or intuitively. When the answer was intuitive, about a third of a second before the subject pushed the answer button, the EEG picked up a burst of gamma-wave oscillations above the right ear. This region of the brain has a role in processing language and helps mediate the neurology of the reward experience.

THEY are isolated when a solution pops into consciousness!! WOAH!

Also, alpha waves tend to be brain suppressors. This means, that when you are problem-solving, you sometimes close your eyes, and look up or down, so you have less visual stimulus so you can concentrate. This also explains why we get creative ideas in the shower.

Individuals with higher creative reasoning scores have more connections that span the hemispheres. I love talking about the left and right brain and sharing that when we make choices we need more comprehensive reasoning! Just a couple of weeks ago, a friend saw me have an intuitive “hit”, she asked what just happened. I said I felt the information come from my right ear (I AM NOT KIDDING). When I had my a-ha moment about nutrition being a WHOLE brain reasoning practice, I didn’t have those exact words but NOW I do.

How do you allow your whole brain to make choices for you? If you are a parent, I bet you do ALL day. If your child shared something that scared them, you don’t want to react in a super fearful way and project that fear onto them, instead you pause and try to choose your words and reaction from a place of love and safety.

As for food, how are you projecting onto your meals and choices? Is it from a relaxed state of conscious reasoning? (can you believe my biz is Conscious Nutrition, I just had a feeling of relief and a swell of pride) Or is it from a place of reaction and fear? I am teaching how to consciously reason with your food versus a state of total reaction. For example, one day I didn’t have anything in the fridge I was hungry for. Since I don’t have fear around food, as much as I use to, I just shrugged and walked out of the kitchen. An hour or so later, I mozy back into the kitchen completely forgetting that I didn’t like anything an hour ago, and made up a concoction from ingredients I have never put together. Do you go into a state of panic, rationalizing all of the things you “should” be eating, numb out, or fall into a feeling of powerlessness and defeat? If you do, please let me support you in a new way of being creative and conscious.

You can either work with me privately, or I bundled up my information for you!

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