You can teach old dogs new tricks!

Hi, my name is Chrissey, and I am a work in progress and a yo-yo dieter. I have lost and gained 50-60 lbs, about 6 or 7 times in my life. Then yoyo’ed smaller amounts in between.

I’ve been on every diet known to man, and then some not known to man, because I’ve made them up myself. I have spent I don’t know how much money on gimmicks and information, just trying to find the answer to my prayers, prayers that I could lose weight, and KEEP IT OFF.

Well, as you might have guessed, my prayers weren’t answered, and I still never found the “diet” that helped me lose weight, and keep it off… so I thought… I met Heather about 15 years ago, and she was a blessing, she was a beautiful soul, making her way to be the super star that she is today. I met her through friends, so I didn’t seek her out as a nutritionist. I did have conversations with her about nutrition, and she had sound advice about nutrition, but it always seemed like a lot of work, and I felt she was way on the other end of the spectrum, from where I was.

See, I wanted a quick, easy fix for my weight, my mindset, and my food addictions, and in my mind, Heather’s way meant that I had to work on my mindset, and my inner demons, and that was, I know now, subconsciously scary to me. Well, today, I have realized that the only way I can change these habits, my mindset, and control my inner talker, is to do all that inner work that Heather suggested all of those years ago, those suggestions that I thought were not for me.

I have recently dove into the Conscious Nutrition & The Feeling Diet world, and wouldn’t you know it, Heather was right. I had the answer to my prayers, right in front of me for all of these years. Once I dove in, and opened my mind, and heart to dig into the hard inner work, I always ran away from, it clicked. With the help of Heather, and her programs, I realized that I have always put a wall up between my mind, and my body, I had them working against each other, rather than working with each other.

I have learned from the FEELING DIET with Heather, that I have so many past habits that we’re keeping me from succeeding. Number 1, STOP, FEEL, and LISTEN to your body, and what it really wants, and needs. The self talk between my brain, and body was my biggest problem.

Now that I have learned the skills to connect the two enemies, I feel I am on the right track, and true, long term success is in my future. I am still a work in progress, but I know with the help of Heather, and the group of amazing people that are also on this journey, I will have success with this struggle that I’ve been fighting my whole life. Thank you Heather for giving me the skills, and helping me see the answer to my prayers, even though it took me 15 years to open my eyes, and see it. LOL!! It’s never to late to teach an old dog new tricks.  CS

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