You Attract What You Are

As I was jogging through downtown Burbank today, this ladybug became my running partner. Just before she landed on me, I was reflecting about this quote in a book I just read. “You Attract What You Are”. This quote says we have 100% responsibility of our life. So, if you someone cuts you off in traffic, or you never get “what you want” this is the vibe you are sending out.

However, this is GREAT news because you can change you. Research says that we have over 80,000 thoughts a day and 80% of those were the exact same as yesterday. So we can get off the roller coaster of emotions and life “just happening to us” and make some changes.

Top 3 things to implement into your daily life to attract more of your true essence.

1. WATCH your thoughts: I have so many clients who beat themselves up over their body image. Let go, you can not be mean to yourself to become healthy or lose weight. Completely the opposite.
2. Meditate: Spend 5-20 minutes a day just sitting. We are programmed to go and go, the real connection we crave is when we are silent and can hear the happiness come from within.
3. Nourish your body: Eat one meal a day in silence. Chew thoroughly, and feel the food energize your body. Even say a blessing prior to the meal to thank all the energy that was expended for that food to get to your plate.

According to the symbolic meaning of a ladybug landing on you, it means your wish will come true:) I am in!
Make it a great day,
Heather Fleming

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