You Are What You Eat Eats Too…

This show blew my mind. These chefs have so much soul and love for food. One of my favorite lines, was “You are what you eat eats too”.  This next step of caring about the environment and quality of what we eat can add in more nourishment and flavor into our lives.

A few items to be more mindful about purchasing are:

1. Eggs

Organic, free-range is ideal. The big difference between “Certified Organic chicken” and “Natural” or “Local” or “Pastured chicken” is that only certified organic chickens are eating certified organic grains. Besides your trusted local sources, Eat Wild is a great website to find local farmer’s in your area.

2. Veggies

The FDA has allowed certain foods to become irradiated. Look for the label of what has been irradiated, so you can be better informed.  I feel this is another reason to purchase foods from local sources you trust, until we discover more about what this process does to the body.

3. Honey

Before you go buy honey in bulk or grab a plastic bag for your tea, some honey’s can have “other” ingredients in them. The “cheap” versions of honey have removed the pollen and wax to help the honey be more presentable and have longer shelf life. Please purchase local, raw honey from your area for more quality and health benefits.

Sorry if these guidelines caused any stress. Remember, stressing and casting judgement is not healthy for you. Being mindful and aware is what we are aiming for.

Stay true to you,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N


Photo by: Purple Sherbert Photography


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