You are out of Whack if….

One of my favorite client stories is 3 days after implementing a few conscious nut strategies, my client said she jumped out of bed with energy, slept through the night, didn’t have a blood sugar crash during the day, and of course had 2 awesome bowel movements. She then asked in the same breath when she was going to start seeing results. I thought she was kidding, however, she was programmed to only listen to the scale versus her body’s messages.
What does feeling good feel like?

If you are running from one thing to the next and have certain habits that are not supporting you, you are missing out on how good you are suppose to feel. This leads to us reacting in life versus responding.
I know that my clients are nurturing themselves both physically and emotionally when…
1. They wake up with energy and DON’T need the coffee
2. Have a natural bowel movement without any stimulants
3. Sleep through the night withOUT waking up to use the restroom
4. Stomach feels flat in the morning because their body is detoxifying correctly while they sleep
5. They have mental clarity and are just plain happier.


I recommend experimenting with a cleanse at least twice a year. The best times are spring and fall. While you practice these cleanses, it give the body a break to perform all the necessary functions it may have been neglecting. To learn more about our 3-week RESET email me with any questions;

Happy September (my favorite month),
Heather Fleming
P.S. Tonight, Tuesday, Sept 3rd: Seaside Market Grocery store tour in Cardiff, CA @ 7 pm
P.S.S. RESET program begins September 9th @ 6 pm and recorded for your convenience, “Join us for the RESET program”
P.S.S.S. Here is a testimonial from a client after she did the RESET program over a 6 week period.
Dear Heather,
I cannot thank you enough for ALL that you’ve done for me over the last few years! I have learned so much about nutrition and what works best for my body. I remember meeting you a few years ago and it didn’t take long for me to start feeling healthy and alive again! You have given me so many tools to use to make healthy decisions and have always been there to support me going through the process. I recently completed the 6-week reset program and loved it! It was a challenge, but the results were phenomenal! I’ll admit that six weeks is a pretty decent commitment and doing it during the summer was not easy, but for me it was the right amount of time to allow for adjustments in my nutritional plan to stick! Being allowed time to ease out of bad habits and re-introduce healthy ones worked for me. I didn’t feel rushed through the program, therefore no stress about obtaining the bi-weekly goals of the reset. I never felt depleted, but reinvigorated throughout the process. I had more energy and slept better as a result. The added bonus was a few pounds lost! I would highly recommend this program to your new clients and for anyone who needs a reset every now and then. I love working with you and your support is always genuine and reassuring. You have changed my life! Thank you for doing what you do!

Love and Blessings,

Rachel R.

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  1. I love this post! Great point about “results”!
    That can be applied to so many aspects of life.
    We ask and then we receive but don’t always see
    it because our eyes are not open all the way and sometimes
    our hearts too….

  2. Heather, I wanted to attend your seminar at IA Campus Point, but work got in the way. I am interested in learning more, how can I do that? Laura