Worrying is a LEARNED skill–Jessica Rumbaugh

I have the pleasure to lead group hikes for a company called Vavi (govavi.com). This week’s group was FANTASTIC, fun and super dynamic. There are usually hikers that have recently moved to the San Diego area. We only had one this time and she recently moved from New York. As we were taking in the scenery and having a great conversation, this wonderful lady whipped out this gem “worrying is a learned skill”. I stopped in my tracks and let these words sink it. She is 100% right! The worrying cassette tape in the mind is most likely an old soundtrack that is NOT supporting you. Of course, there are certain things to concern yourself with, such as safety, but really not much else. If we are spending our time worrying, then we are not living.
Some of you know, I don’t prefer the word ‘moderation’ I don’t want to just live moderately? As with food and moderation, when you want to indulge, enjoy and then KNOW how to bring your body back to balance. This is your responsibility, to know and understand your body’s messages and its limits. When you are pushing the limits, you STOP, reset and move forward. Food is enjoyable, but if it is replacing other “REAL” joys of life then that is when we step back and reassess what is more nourishing and fulfilling?
Let worrying be on the back burner, and let you living your fullest be boiling over:)

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