Wishful Thinking versus Reality

A dear friend of mine threw me for a loop this evening.  Let’s say I think to myself, “Wow would it be great if I could have a piece of dark chocolate right now” and then all of a sudden I walk into a store and they are handing out dark chocolate.  He described this being in a target rich environment.  It wasn’t like I am in the Antarctica wishing for chocolate and then a plane drops it out of the sky, it is I am in the United States where sugar runs threw our veins all day.

I personally get excited over all synchronistic events.  Also, I get distracted very easily from my goals.  So do I look for these happenings, am I in search of distractions? The reality is achieving the goal and setting daily REALISTIC objectives to attain these goals.  Like I said I love to wish, believe, trust, look under rugs for the easy way out, or am I creating only a more difficult route to the goal.

I will be pondering this more…

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