Why we Crave Sunshine…

I have a friend coming to visit from Nebraska, she is craving sunshine.  Why do we crave sunshine?

There is mixed reviews on if sunshine causes cancer or if it is healthy. As a practicing nutritionist, my clients come to me and want to achieve certain health goals. One thing I have noticed is that the people who are NOT at their goals do not look healthy and vibrant, and these clients tend to use too much sunblock and not go out in the sun.

Your body can produce the right amount of Vitamin D if you expose it properly in the sun.  Vitamin D promotes the body’s absorption of calcium and helps boost your immune system. Vitamin D is also a master hormone that can support mood stability, so that is why your brain is needing the sun!

When you shower try not to use harsh substances all over your body, cleanse your privates and be easy on your arms and legs.  When you add chemicals to your skin it is more difficult to soak up the nutrition from the sun and it also drys out your largest organ, the skin!

Protect your face and get out and soak up the rays, I recommend 10-20 minutes a day if you can, if you can’t go on vacation:)

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