I love my nutrition program and philosophy. Life is dynamic, always changing, and you have to be able to adjust. I get to assist people on how to adapt to these changes as they live a stellar life of vitality.

Eating a stagnant perfect diet can set people up for failure BEFORE they even start. One word that many other nutritionists use is “moderation”. When you eat dark chocolate or Gelato, I do not want you to sit there and OBSESS on how you should only eat this with MODERATE excitement. I want you to be FULL filled from this adventure and experience, then have an herbal tea or lemon water an hour later.

One secret to health and vitality is to CLEAN OUT the system on a regular basis. This can range from one day of eating vegetables after a weekend of too much fun or a three week guided juicing program. I am implementing something in between so my clients can function in their real life. The 3-week RESET program is whole food based and a time to give the body a break. The first week gradually and gently takes out foods that can stress the body, the second week is packed with FOOD such as vegetables, grains, avocados, and an optional protein shake. The third most important week is bringing back foods and noticing how they make you FEEL.

This tool is always here for you in case you had to much PARTY. PARTY. PARTY. and need an RESET.

The worst scenario is you may overdose on vegetables:)
Heather Fleming

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