Why plateaus HAVE to happen and how to shift them

Have you ever felt stuck on a plateau and tried everything to nudge toward the direction of your goals?

Whether in your career, relationships, health or that number on the scale, I bet we have all hit a plateau in our lives.

Whether you are rebellious like me or a go-getter, I bet you have thrown everything at your plateau, trying to control it to shift.

This can be super frustrating and what has caused more yo-yo diet energy in our life and our culture.

Scientifically, plateaus occur when our brain senses that we’ve started to lose body fat and are eating less than usual. These fat levels in our body are known as our set point, and when we go below this level, our brain will respond by slowing down our metabolism to preserve the remaining fat stores. This response from our brain is a protective evolutionary mechanism designed to prevent us from dying of starvation and surviving a famine.

Plateaus can last as long as 8-12 weeks, and a weight-loss plateau is important to allow our body’s metabolic rate and ghrelin (the hunger hormone) signaling to readjust to normal.

For our ancestors, periods of weight loss generally indicated a risk of starvation due to a lack of food availability. I am a bit concerned when people lose weight too quickly or use other methods to force weight loss. Our heart muscle needs minerals to function and will steal it from every other organ, bone, and tissue to keep your heart pumping.

Our bodies are so smart, and we need to go SLOW!

Everyone has a natural ‘set point’ that their body hovers when they eat healthily. Our DNA, the environment around us, our thoughts, and our capacity for self-compassion determine our set point.

Slow, gradual weight gain over many years can trick our body into thinking its set point is higher than it should be, which causes our body to resettle at a new, higher weight.

Therefore, our body would try its best to hold onto the energy stores that we already have. This is achieved by lowering our basal metabolic rate (BMR).

BMR measures the energy our body requires to stay functioning at rest. This is how much energy is needed to perform essential functions like breathing, keeping our heart pumping, and digestion.

If we lose weight, our bodies become much better at rationing what it has to make them last longer. This will reduce our body temperature, thyroid activity, and fat oxidation (or the amount of fat we burn) and help our muscles move more efficiently.

A weight-loss plateau is vital for our body’s metabolic rate and ghrelin signaling to readjust to normal. This happens when our body resets to a new, lower set-point weight. Resource

So what do we do to ease out of a Plateau?

I am going to break it down by subject:

  1. Nutrition: EAT MORE! Yes, you heard it here. Try a few days within one week of increasing your protein and fiber. Make a bit pot of lentil soup with all the veggies and healthy fats (coconut oil or ghee) and eat it once a day until you are full for three days or so, along with your other meals. You are increasing your nutritional intake and telling your body you are not starving. Then, organically, try a light day of eating to keep your Basal Metabolic Rate on its toes.
  2. Stress: REST! I bet there is once a day your body is craving NOT to be on electronics, rushing from one thing to another, and needs QUIET. Take 15 minutes to rest your eyes and nervous system. Check out my Vagus nerve exercise here to help you quickly escape fight or flight.
  3. Movement: Switch it up. Try a different exercise routine if you always run, do yoga, or bike. Also, check your resting heart rate before your more intense training days to see if your body needs a rest day.
  4. Nervous System: How is your sleep? How is your mood? If they aren’t balanced, it will be more challenging to rejuvenate. Try a NEW modality for your well-being. My favorites are acupuncture, craniosacral and breathwork.
  5. Your Beliefs, habits, and Your Default Program: Are you constantly repeating the exact same habits and stories about yourself every day? I can’t work out because, or I can eat well because I don’t have the energy. You do not need to try to make extreme changes; shift 20% for a week, add 10%, then another 10%, and before you know it, you are up to 80%. Because NO one can be 100% perfect:)

I created the Nourish YOUniversity program to help you with THIS!

  • Nutrition: When you join, you receive over 40+ days of Meal Ideas with high-quality nutrients. You will also receive the NEW Lighten Your Load experiment to try the light day organically.
  • Stress & Movement: We begin our monthly meeting with a stress reduction exercise for you to take with you. Each week, we recalibrate your intentions so you don’t feel like you are either spinning out of control or have no traction. Plus, we bring in guest experts who offer other modalities in health and wellness.
  • Nervous System: I host two LIVE Neurodynamic Breathwork sessions monthly to help heal your nervous system strain and emotional congestion. The feeling of being out of control keeps us in a stress cycle. Committing yourself to trying something new will reduce the energy of ‘what should I do’?
  • Your Beliefs & Your Default Program: We have the same thoughts over and over each day. Until you feel some of your uncomfortable beliefs and patterns and embrace all the parts of yourself, you will not be able to change your habits. We review how your Gherlin hormone communicates from your brain to your gut with the Conscious Nutrition Hormonal chart. Also, you will work with your Food Relationship Type (Take the Quiz here). Each month, you will practice the 3 Experiments to help you shine a light on what is holding you back so you don’t give up and throw in the towel.

If you don’t like groups, I get you. I am a part of two groups and initially had heaps of resistance. Now, I can’t wait to be present and receive my takeaways. It isn’t always about contributing or performing; just receiving is totally ok! Plus, we can add in more one-on-one consults for you.

However, I TRULY believe we need a community when we are trying to do hard things. I couldn’t have done RV life without ALL the help I was open to receiving. I learned to ask better questions and PRACTICE!!!! This shifted my mindset to feel more confident, capable and accountable to this lifestyle shift.

I bet when you join the group, you will walk away realizing, “I feel that way too. “ The more insights you have more often, the more your old stagnant beliefs and habits will fall away.

JOIN Nourish YOUniversity to work with your plateaus!

If you have any questions, please schedule below or reply to this email and we can connect.

with abundant nourishment,

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