Why Oprah Can’t Lose Weight

Again, at this weekend’s conference, this amazing lady, Niurka, made such an amazing point about Oprah.  So, let me do my best to explain from my perspective.  When you ask Oprah what her life purpose and mission is, it is super clear and obvious.  She wants to create possibilities and dreams for everyone.   When you ask her why she wants to lose weight it is because  “she doesn’t want a fat butt”.  So the former is she is moving toward something and the latter she is pulling away from something, which like a bungee cord pulling you back to what YOU DO NOT WANT!! WOW, what an eye opener. So if you are losing weight because you “don’t want….” It will just keep pulling you back, and that is why we experience so many ups and downs.

So, the secret is to keep your vision and go toward it, don’t worry about the “plan”, tasks, “to do lists, “calories counting” etc.   If you set your intention on your vision daily it will naturally PULL you!  So visualize your truth and exactly how you want to feel in your life and then the rest will follow.

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