Which foods can help with your overwhelming cravings?

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Most nutritionists tell you to just push through the cravings and they will go away. Well, this nutritionist hasn’t had personal or professional success with that tactic. I use to judge myself when I “gave in” to a craving thinking that I failed. Now, instead of expending energy trying not to cave in, why don’t we discern what some of these extreme cravings may be telling us.

My most common craving is cold and creamy textures, usually in the form of mayonnaise. According to the Conscious Nutrition Cravings guide, I may be dehydrated or having malabsorption issues. My tactic is to make chia seed pudding and grab some quality mayo to top on a bean burger or make a coleslaw. Then emotionally, it is can relate to cooling down anger. WOAH. Remember all of those times, you and I grabbed ice cream late at night to numb out the day or our feelings from that day? A great thing to do if this is reoccurring is to get out your journal and process some of the pent up resentment. Allow it to be felt and said on paper.

Then below ice cream is pastries! Have you ever walked in a coffee shop and your eyes glazed over and before you know it you have a scone or croissant in your hand? This can also be related to absorption issues along with lack of essential fatty acids. When this craving takes me over, I KNOW I need a starch. My favorite go to is sweet potato with ghee or my favorite Quinoa Salad in my Recipe Book. Emotionally, for me it is a sign I am not having enough laughter and time with friends, so book a fun outing with friends ASAP.

So, what is the difference between a healthy craving and one that feels a bit more obsessive?

An obsessive craving: Have you ever went through every cupboard to look for some expired chocolate chips? This craving may be a bit obsessive. If it happens super infrequently, then no fret, but if you notice all the foods from your cupboards on the counter in the mornings, then you may be needing to add in magnesium rich foods such as pumpkin seeds, black beans and peas or a supplement. (more info in the Craving Book)

A healthy craving: You have been eating consciously, feel natural stomach growls when it is time to eat, you are full and satisfied after eating, and have no or way less sugar cravings after you eat. Then you have a craving that leads you to create a meal with more variety and flavors that support your taste buds. One of my favorite cravings is pizza, it isn’t that I want pizza, which can leave me feeling tired and bloated at times, instead I am craving oregano, pesto and zest. So grab a spaghetti squash and try my dairy free pesto.

A few of my other craving balancing tricks include:

1. Hydration: Add in kombucha, Kevita, coconut water and herbal teas. These flavors and liquids can help with reverse dehydration which is a sign for many extreme cravings.

2. Nutritionally dense foods: If you have been eating a few too many processed foods, your body is malnourished. Don’t obsess over what you ate, instead focus on how to add in foods that are packed with nutrition, minerals and fiber. A couple of my favorite meals and snacks that are packed are: My favorite kale saladGarbanzo bean saladthe RESET smoothie and apple with almond butter which is my old standby!

3. REST: Sometimes you just need to lay down for 15 minutes. We are always on the move or on to the next thing, we may just need to take a break. This helps your nervous system catch up and can help you integrate your mind and body connection. Believe me, we all don’t need to do more but we need to make choices with conscious intention. When you are feeling behind, exhausted and overwhelmed, stop, close your eyes and breath to RESET and the rest of your day may have more ease.

What are some of your tricks and secrets that help you when overwhelming cravings take you over?

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