Which Expert Do You Trust?


Ah man, I recommended a supplement that I totally trusted to a client, and he found a report that showed it didn’t meet quality standards and guidelines. Then I looked at my report and it did. After more research, I realized both companies were doing their best, however money seemed to be the bottom line. Who is funding the research, the guidelines, and the consumer reports? Most likely it is the brand that is doing the marketing.

As we are constantly learning about our own personal health, we will have more tools to decipher what is true to us. I have a blast studying from what I call the “dooms day” health experts. They are shining light on what we need to be aware and cautious of. Before we go down the rabbit hole for too long, I like to bring it back to the positive.

It isn’t about focusing on the right and wrong. It is up to us to ask the right questions.

Some questions to ask yourself or while doing research before you purchase supplements, supplies, programs and even food.

  1. Quality: When it comes to supplements, you usually get what you pay for. There is a reason why Costco can sell a big bottle of vitamins for a discount, other companies did not want to put their label on it. Make sure you check out the small print under ingredients. Look for fillers, artificial colorings, and flavorings. Professional line products (we use Xymogen, Metagenics, and now beginning with Apex) are marketed specifically toward health care professionals, and contain higher quality resources.
  2. Cost & Form: Make sure to research different forms of the supplement. Vitamin D3 is best in liquid while probiotics may be best in powder form. Compare the costs of the different forms of distribution.
  3. For Veggies & Fruit: When shopping for produce look at the stickers for the #9 – is fine, because it is non-GMO and organic. However the #8 – you hate (strong word) because it is all GMO. Numbers 5 and 4 are ok but they are not organic and have pesticides however, not GMO.
  4. Your Instinct: Most of the time our initial gut instinct is correct. Many of my clients are in distress when they grab supplements and never use them or notice if they might be the cause of stomach or energy issues.

Before investing in supplements, food choices and health care practitioners make sure to do your research, or send us an email and set up a time to discuss some of your concerns.

From one expert to another,
Heather Fleming, C.C.N.

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