When the student is ready, the teacher disappears

Why is it that some days we feel we can take on anything and then others we want to stay curled up in a ball?

As an avid seeker, trying ANYTHING new to feel hope and satisfaction, and wanting to be saved from outside sources, health protocols, diets, the next NEW thing or you name it, I decided to lay down the seeking addict in me and replace this by learning and practicing self-trust.

These manic emotions, anxiety, co-dependent insecurities, and desperate energies that rule our lives are part of us. This is our ego trying to protect us and create security or safety from past or future traumas.

We sure can’t ‘get rid’ of these feelings, but we can sure tame them.

With these Two Words: Deliberate Intentions

We wake up every day with a laundry list of things to do and accomplish. But then this crazy thing happens, curve balls. This to-do list flies out the window so fast.

So, there goes your meditation practice, exercise regimen, ‘good eating day’ and most likely the feeling of satisfaction.

Tony Robbins, (who used to trigger the heck out of me, but now I worked through my resistance. I believe that sometimes what we resist, is the exact place to look for peace:)

What’s the opposite of growth? You might say decay. But truly, it’s stagnation. Staying the same. There’s nothing worse for the human spirit than a lack of progress.
But to make progress in any area of your life – your relationship, your health, your finances – you have to be willing to go on a journey, my friend.
Not a trip.
A trip is predictable; a journey is not. A journey encompasses the unknown.
And you have to be OK with opening yourself up to a level of uncertainty in order to obtain the growth you want.

And what gets us out of stagnation? One of my favorite words: HUNGER

If you have a complicated relationship with food like I do and have in the past, this word may be triggering.

If you are constantly bloated, uncomfortable and emotionally drained, then eating may not be fun anymore.

Or if you are in a mental tug of war-every time you eat, then your love for food may be quite confusing.

I so get it and am here to help.

Think of your relationship with food as being in a healthy relationship or friendship.

Do you want a co-dependent, desperate, manic, anxious, insecure friend constantly badgering you all day?

No wonder food, our bodies and hunger are a bit unsure about being a friendly ally in our lives.

Instead of the laundry list of to-do’s from our logic, let’s start with intentions that create more satisfaction to satiate our hunger and relieve the stagnant feelings of not seeing progress.

  1. Take a scan of your body upon waking: Did you sleep well? If not, then what do you need to recalibrate? My usual go-to is honey in my tea because I usually crave more sugar on days I don’t sleep well. Or did you wake up bloated? If so, hydrate, and lay on your left side for 15 more minutes to assist your stomach acid replenishing before you eat, rush, or consume too much of your cell phone.
  2. What is one meal or ingredient that will make you moan? I was in a poopy mood one day and had time and space to drive to the store to get organic whipped cream. Yep, I definitely moaned when I added it to my chai tea. For one of my clients, it was blueberries, they were missing fruit because they were on Keto or Intermittent Fasting and lo and behold, these little blue bursts changed their entire day. Even if you have no time, just tune in and put it on your grocery list for later. I recommend trying to shop twice a week so you can tune in to cravings and what your body may need sooner rather than later.
  3. Mix it UP: The healthiest people I know, have such a relaxed energy around them. They have time for lunch and a deep conversation. They are present to what is going on in their bodies and in the environment. They eat a healthy variety of foods and try new things. One of my favorite aspects of my program is we experiment every month by rotating between 3 different nutrition modalities. Every time I do my own program, I recall one of my favorite recipes I haven’t made in a while, or I do one simple adjustment and feel better instantly.

When we reset and give ourselves space, we grow and get out of stagnation and stuckness.

It is essential to seek outside advice when we feel stuck.

THEN we implement their opinions or advice SLOWLY and gently. So we can observe how we respond both physically and emotionally.

I took my cute pooch, Ruka to an Integrative Vet to help me sort out and troubleshoot with another brain and heart:) Well, it was overwhelming and I do this for a living. We slowly added and are still adding one suggestion at a time to observe what worked and what didn’t work.

You are the guru of YOU!

And the slower we go, the more our intuition will grow.

The body LOVES gentle, baby steps and homeostasis. It does not like extreme.

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Cheers to abundant nourishment,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N. ​Conscious. Compassion. Nutrition.

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I love the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction courses, and all of the research on compassion, heart math and Positive Psychology.

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