When in Rome …

Or maybe I should say when in Nebraska … Is it best to stick to your guns or be flexible in the present moment when it comes to your relationship with food?

saladThis salad was from the small town my Grandma lived in her whole life. I was quite entertained when it showed up to the table. Do you stress over the fact that there are no cucumbers … not even one cherry tomato or smile, pick up your fork and enjoy?

Life is a dance. You need to relax and enjoy, however you also need to know your boundaries and edges. Discipline and accountability with yourself doesn’t mean to add more pressure, use it to relieve the pressure.

Good news, I ran into the a farm stand and Amish store in my home town and found organic farm fresh eggs, hormone free meats, apples, nuts and kale. Phew.

What to do while you are in Rome:

  1. Pack herbal teas and add coconut oil (now the newer idea is organic butter or ghee in your tea or coffee). The healthy fats help with hydration and curb hunger while you strategize to find more conscious choices. Also, add cinnamon or cayenne pepper to your hot coffees for more blood sugar balancing and tonifying.
  2. Lemon water before and after meals to help with digestion. Ask for extra lemon or purchase the lemon juice concentrate.
  3. Nut medley is essential for the road for quality amino acids and nutrition to keep you going.
  4. Pack protein powder packets and a shaker cup for a quick meal.
  5. Have friends who eat like you all over the world and these homes are your safe houses in between travels (you all know who you are)

Keep dancing,

Heather Fleming

This blog is dedicate to my late Grand-ma, my Dad and my cuzn’s:)


Thank you Moyan Brenn for the amazing photo!

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