What’s your same tired reason around weight loss?

I hardly blog or talk about weight loss. There is a lot of charge, ideas, beliefs around this subject. And honestly, I want us to practice nourishment and connection with our bodies, then the “weight” will not be an issue in affecting our health and happiness.

A participant of the Intuitivarian process sent me the best note with her personal observation. She was getting herself and the kids geared up to head to the gym. And the kids asked why she was going to the gym? Instead of her OLD, tired reason to lose weight, she said because Mommy wants to gain muscle in her legs and it makes her feel good. This shift in thinking is so much more effective. Many approaches toward losing weight can feel like an uphill battle carrying a wagon full of shame, guilt, old beliefs and old failures before you even take your first step.

Before you begin a big project do you always putter around, eat something, clean off your desk and remove all distractions before you dive in? Well, that was what this group of Intuitivarians did for their initial week, and now this week we are exploring the experiment phase. When we take the time to clear the clutter from our brains and our bodies we can become more curious and creative in our approach toward better health.

What excuses do you catch in your mind before you begin to make big changes in your life? When I begin to take a new step forward, I notice my heart starts to flutter, anxiety in my forehead and I want to do anything to put it off. The old belief in my mind is scared to take the leap because I don’t want to disappoint myself and others “again” if I do not succeed. Do you eat, shop, obsess or insert any other distraction to avoid taking a new step forward in your life?

I created the Intuitivarian process for this reason. When we approach our eating and health from a mind set that is dynamic and curious, it will allow us to step forward toward success verus always trying to not “fall of” or fail.

If you are open to trying a new approach as you discover some of the limiting beliefs that are holding you back, you can begin the Intuitivarian process ANYTIME on your own and you have access to the information for 90 days. During the 90 days we offer a monthly Q& A and a special guest presenter. Next month’s guest presenter is the one and only Pilar Gerasimo, the author of her new book, “The Healthy Deviant.” Her interview and access to call in to ask questions will be at 12 pm PST, on February 1st, this is available for all active Intuitivarian’s.

The Q&A session with me will be on Monday, February 19th @ 5 pm PST. The next group led process will be announced soon.

Learn more here!

Thank you to this year’s first group-led Intuits!

Heather Fleming, C.C.N.

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