Skip the Drive Thru and Try These Quick and Easy Meals

My friends and I play this game where they compile ingredients and I have 20-30 minutes to prepare a delicious and healthy meal.

When you get home from a long day and just finishing your taxes, you may not want to make a gourmet meal, however, give your body a pick me up with as little as effort possible.

Ask yourself a couple of questions …

  1. Do I want a hot or cold meal? Do I want savory or sweet?
  2. Inventory your fridge to fit these two questions and begin creating a meal.

Here are a few of my favorite quickies:

  • Amy’s Low Sodium Lentil/Vegetable Soup – Add coconut oil to a sauce pan, saute kale or spinach, add soup, cook, add to bowl and top with half an avocado, sea salt & pepper. This was my go to meal while living on the boat, and even now when I get home late.
  • Jer’s Goodness Bowls – My great friend Jeremy McGhee is very active and has a great system he uses to make a quick healthy meal so he can head to his next adventure. His system: He goes to farmers market on Sunday and gets all the veggies for the week, heads home and boils eggs and makes a batch of quinoa. Then he has the staples prepared for the goodness bowl, and can add variety such as beans, avocado, hummus and hot sauce.
  • Chicken Sausage & Kale Salad – When your lettuce is starting to wilt, it is time to consume. Top it with sauted chicken sausages from Trader Joe’s, kale, hummus, olive oil and vinegar. This will satisfy all of your savory cravings.
  • Breakfast for Dinner – Scramble some eggs with garlic, top with feta and tomatoes.
  • Grilled Portobello Mushroom or Buffalo Burger – We discussed umami from our cravings blog. When we need substance and don’t satisfy this craving, then the sugar craving may kick in. Grill a mushroom or meat burger and add a side of grilled veggies on the side, topped with olive oil to satisfy your umami.
  • Stir-fry – Dust off your wok and add all the veggies that are in the crisper with coconut and sesame oil. Add a bit of nut butter to give the sauce more flavor and a thicker consistency.

By the way, you can find many other healthy recipes (although not all as fast as these) in our Conscious Recipe eBook.

What’s your favorite “fast healthy food”? Let us know below …

Have a great & healthy night,

Heather Fleming

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