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Hello Feeler!

Wow, have you ever thought your feelings and emotions were going to take you down? I have. I was so scared of my emotions for many years, I chose not to feel them, thus extreme anxiety ruled my life. Besides in my stress levels, the anxiety showed up as acne, digestive issues, and FEAR of embracing myself for who I am

What if we practiced embracing our feelings and FEELING them? Especially with how we cope with stress and choosing food while we are in that stressed state.

I created this quiz to help us NOT judge our feelings but to help us be aware of what the heck is going on in our mind and body.

If we can discover how our emotions and feelings DRIVE us toward or away from food and our feelings, we will be able to let go of guilt, shame and JUDGMENT! When these emotions are felt, we can be more in our power and OWN authority.

Our thoughts alone can increase the stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline, and our feelings are connected to these thoughts. So before we go and judge food and ourselves, we gotta take a breath and honor the FEEL. When we remain in a constant state of stress we are overloading our organs, preventing them to detoxify and absorb nourishment.

There are 8 categories, so far, and I want to hear from YOU! These categories are NOT meant for you to feel bad about yourself at ALL! There is nothing wrong with you! This self awareness is going to shine some light on how we cope with ourselves, feelings, relationships and food.

I for one, am almost ALL of them, (Pleaser is my least, since my REBEL is the biggest:), and use to judge myself like crazy thinking I was a failure for not being a “perfect” nutritionist or not having enough will power to stop using food for comfort.

NOW, I believe FEEL is the missing ingredient to every structured diet plan out there. Traditional Chinese Medicine along with other healing modalities, guide us to experience different tastes and senses to help us heal. That is where we got “Let thy food, be thy medicine”. This isn’t from knowledge, it is from our inner knowing and now is the time to trust and learn this for OURSELVES.

Thus, I am your GUIDE in The Feeling Diet, to support you as you sort your feels and learn to COPE with yourself and food in a NEW and different way. A SHAME & Judgment Free approach with more heart centeredness and a less critical mind.

Here are the 8 categories, take a gander then take the quiz!

  • The Rebel•er: You were going to stay away from certain foods, but screw it, my friends are having fun and I want to be with them.
  • The Numb•er: You are feeling uncomfortable at a party and just start eating everything in sight to cover up your feelings and insecurities.
  • The Comfort•er: You aren’t even hungry but you received bad news and you go straight to the fridge and immediately warm up leftovers.
  • The Obsessive•er: If you eat one thing “off your diet” you give up, because you tend to be an “all or none’ personality type.
  • The Guilt•er: You believe you have to always feel hungry to lose weight and if you don’t feel hungry you whatever you are eating you are be
  • The Please•er: You deny your own needs to be accepted by others
  • The Detach•er: I don’t have to time to focus on feeding myself, food can be a bothersome.
  • The Connect•er: You have expanded your relationship with yourself by releasing judgment around food and trust your intuition

Did you guess which one(s) you were already?

What are you saying to yourself all day, everyday is the foundation to how we create optimal health and well-being. This is BEYOND important.

We can not beat the “poo” out of ourselves to become the healthiest version of US~it is exactly the opposite!

HEAD here to take the quiz and receive a more in-depth explanation along with 3 tips to help support which Feeling Eater you are!

In service of helping you become the EXPERT and guru of you!

Heather Fleming, REBEL Feeling Eater Expert 🙂

P.S. The Feeling Diet INTRO Course begins October 29th! This 3-week class will help you dive into your Feeling Eater Type and support you BEFORE and during the holidays!

Learn more about the INTRO course here!

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