What to say when someone brings up their “right diet” at the dinner table?

It is time, the holidays are upon us. EVERYONE is going to be talking about a few hot topics until the end of 2019. Besides the other important topics, one that always comes up is the eating style that works for them, they worship and want to convert you to jump aboard. I use to be this person. I can’t even remember what “perfect diet” I was promoting or researching at the time, but I truly wanted to believe there was one. 

Most people automatically think as a nutritionist I follow one strict program, heck no. I have learned the hard way and believe we are all on our own unique path. If you don’t want to get in the mind game of who is right or wrong, practicing saying your reply. 

My favorite line that I say is “I am on the nutrition plan that helps me connect to my OWN body”. They usually want to know the details, but instead you are the details. 

This is the eating plan that is proven time and time again is…drum roll..

1. VARIETY! ​When people begin working with me, they are usually eating the same 20 foods every week. They are stuck in a blood sugar roller coaster, malnourished with minerals and exhausted. We focus on adding in foods they enjoy and combine them with other nutrients to help their body absorb and reboot. Enhancing your variety also enhances your mind. Being curious and open to try new things is so helpful to your brain and body. 

2. Eating while you spend time with loved ones: ​The Blue zones went all over the world and the #1 thing they came away with for health and longevity was: Community. When people eat, gather, garden and commune together, they have more vitality. If you are feeling lonely, book a dinner with a fabulous friend. Or if you are tired of eating big meals over the holidays, skip a meal and go out for tea and laughter. 

3. Eating plants: Plates full of plants tend to help people with health issues and symptoms. I have never had a client come to me that has over eaten their veggies:) Try ONE new veggie based meal a day and your world will shift. 

4. Adding fresh spices and herbs: ​Many cultures add in freshness. Some climates are not able to do so all year around, but dried ones and variety is just fine. One of the assignments for The New Feeling Diet is to spice up your spice rack. I will be giving you the top spices to have fresh and handy for 2020. 

5. Body-awareness: Knowing the idiosyncrasies​ of your body will assist you to achieve great health. A few ideas are:

  • Skip a meal when your digestion is off versus forcing a meal with meat into your body. 
  • It you feel constipated, know what provisions will help you get back on track. A few that I share with others are; pears, baked apples, magnesium supplement, herbal tea and REST. 
  • Have larger meals at the time of day when you feel less stressed and your hunger cues are stronger. 

6. Self-Acceptance: When my clients release guilt, they immediately look like a different person. They are done running themselves down and berating their choices. 

So before you rebel toward there way of thinking or become to loyal and jump on board, TUNE into you!​

One great way to tune into you is to join my FREE Facebook: Feel your way through the holidays. For the next two months I will be hosting four wellness webinars in this group while I sprinkle holiday tips, recipes and support. Last night I shared my favorite kale salad and dressing! 

See you in there!

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Thanks to you continuing to reading my musings, I continue to be in business for 13 years.

With heaps of gratitude and appreciation to YOU, 

Heather Fleming, C.C.N. & Food Mentor

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