What is your Praxis for the New Year?

Praxis describes the mental-physical state a person is in which causes him to get the results he’s getting.


  1. Practice, as distinguished from theory; application or use, as of knowledge or skills.
  2. Convention, habit, or custom.

Your praxis is the integration of belief vs. behavior. For example, I want to lose weight. However, you eat fast food because it is “convenient”, eating healthy is too expensive, you do not go to the grocery store often, and you haven’t been successful in the past.

Your deep seated beliefs are hindering you from achieving your goals. How do we change this?

Courageously analyze your beliefs. You may find that many of your strongest convictions have absolutely no foundation. At one time you may have needed these beliefs to feel the sense of belonging or community. Many of your beliefs you inherited through genetic conditioning for that reason.

Write a list of your beliefs. Then step back and look at your list. This list may show you how much energy you spend on “energy leaks” and what others “think” about you.

I will use a money example. Someone was going to their favorite concert of the year, and paid $350 for the ticket. I said, wow that is expensive. My deep belief of this situation was –you can not spend that amount of money on yourself–Then actually I said, cancel that, if this is what fills your cup, GREAT! We have all spent that money at Target just running in to buy a toothbrush:)

It is all perspective, how is yours supporting or hindering you?

Cheers to new perspectives & new results in 2014,

Heather Fleming

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