What is your Kerrygold butter standard?

Hope you are well and had a grateful holiday weekend!

I sense some butter made it into your holiday festivities, it sure did mine! My friend made a sweet onion tart that made me smile for a day.

Recently, I heard this woman share her experience about the first time she tried Kerrygold butter. She went on and on about how come she didn’t know butter was suppose to taste this good. No matter how much $ she had in her bank account she was never going to reduce her Kerrygold standards.

Has this happened to you before with a food item that you weren’t going to cheapen in your life anymore?

What are some of your Kerrygold standards?

A few of mine are:

  1. Eggs: I look for trusted farm fresh eggs and brands as often as I can, and always pay the extra buck. The color and taste of the golden yolks make it worth it.
  2. Avocado: Have you ever had a Bacon avocado? I bought this higher priced version one time and now when I see it, it always jumps into my cart.
  3. Fresh herbs: Have you tried any herbs from the microgreens section? I sometimes would shy away due to the price or fear that I wouldn’t eat them before they went bad. Now, it is a staple for me to rotate these and top off my cooked meals with a touch of freshness. I count the cost toward my ‘multi-vitamin’ and immune system support. Which is priceless.
  4. Apples: I will pay WHATEVER for a fresh, crisp apple. Once you have that crunch, you can’t compromise your taste buds.
  5. Organic Wine: I always feel better when I drink this versus the regular. And here in California, we are lucky with the price point. Keep your eyes out in Trader Joes and your local wine stores for the organic section and give it a try.

Fun news, I bought an RV last week!!! I am overjoyed. However, it didn’t meet ALL of my standards. I wanted an updated GPS system, solar panel and a king-sized bed in the back. But, so many things felt like a great fit to be my starter-land home. How can we keep our standards, yet staying open to new things that maybe just what we need? My recovering perfectionist, let go of the stress of finding the ‘perfect RV’. And the first project is a solar panel on the top!

Are you approaching your nutrition from a place of perfectionism?

Why are we driven to do and repeat past ‘diet’ programs, that leave us feeling defeated?

My hunch is, when you first sign up for a program, you are curious and open. Thus, you are present, your emotions are calm and you have managed your expectations. You see results and feel great.


You think you need more:

  1. Structure
  2. Accountability
  3. Restriction
  4. Deprivation
  5. New friends:)
  6. The next new extreme diet plan

Instead, what you may need is…

  • Freedom FROM obsessing and striving to do it right
  • More confidence in your body
  • Understanding how your emotions are linked to your symptoms and cravings
  • Relaxing your mind and interpreting your body’s subtle messages is giving you EVERY DAY!
  • How to gently detox your body each day versus the extreme approaches.

Personally, I believe the EXTREME diets can mess us all up. Everyday when we wake up, we were trying to fit this diet’s mold, we are operating from a place of NOT enough. Talk about wanting to FILL ourselves up and this can cause us to operate from a place of LACK versus PLENTY and abundance.

Recently, Julie W., one of the Conscious Nutrition members said,

“Your past successes become the stick you beat yourself with”.

WOAH! Super insightful and when she said this, our group could totally relate.

Do you keep picking up the stick from the past to reach your goals of the future?

If you are ready to LEAVE the EXTREME, I am giving away my FREE 5-day Jump Start program to help YOU NOTICE how you are approaching your nutrition.

I am NOT able to tell you what to eat everyday. Instead, I guide you to TRY a new approach and observe your OWN body, how you relate to yourself and revisit some of your automatic habits that may or may not be serving you.

There is NO amount of $, accountability, time or resources to FIX this outside of you.

Instead, YOU Be-friend how you relate to your OWN beautiful and complicated psyche, your own resistance, and this will help you gain more self-understanding.

Beginning January 11th, 2021, we will meet daily as you practice, experiment and shift your perspective from perfection to connection.

The calls will be Facebook Live in my private group with a call-in Zoom option, all calls are recorded for your listening convenience. You will have access to the course resources so you can go at your OWN pace for the week.

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