What is your Harajuku moment?

Tim Ferris has a new book out, I haven’t read it yet, but a ConsciousNut client passed it along. I skimmed through the chapters and instantly loved this one:  What is your Harajuku moment?  It’s the moment where something nice to have becomes something you can’t live without.

Wow!  I will be opening up my journal about this one tonight.  We all wish, think, over think, negative think, you get my drift. What is it that you can not live without.  What does the moment look and feel like to become the healthiest version of yourself? To be wonderful in your relationships, to listen to your friends and strangers, to have the life you deserve and desire.

When your life is coming to an end, what is it that you would kick yourself in the booty for that you DIDN’T do or strive for?

One thing I personally strive for is emotional peace.  I want to lay in bed each night and feel I engaged in my life with awareness, love, joy, and inspiration.

Of course, an orange Hybrid Range Rover would also be a great vehicle to spread this joy, along with my home with wildflowers in New Zealand, by boat in Fiji and my condo in San Diego:) I can have multiple homes to share with my family and friends, with the fridges full of organic, fresh food and water.

However, being grateful for my health at the time being is a perfect place to start.  I can’t live without healthy relationships that inspire me to be the healthiest and best version of me!

What is it you can’t live without!

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