What does your weight timeline look like?

We all know those people who have weighed the same since they were in high school. However, if you are like the other 95% of people in the world, you have fluctuated during your adult life span. When you review your weight timeline, what are the real factors that have caused you to gain or lose weight?

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead came out with a sequel and it is GREAT! (on Netflix or Amazon Prime) I watched it two weeks ago for inspiration as I was preparing my presentation for the Gabriel Method at the Omega Institute. Joe Cross does such a great job sharing his own struggles along with the truck driver we all we were cheering for in the first movie. Both men gained weight back but have learned so much more about their life. Joe shared a timeline where his weight bounced up when he was having financial and relationship struggles and he realized having support from your community is key. He suggests “rebooting” by drinking green juices as many days in a row as you can. When he began his adventure he did 60 days in a row to get off his medications, detox his body and make a documentary. Then when reality sets in, this can be a bit challenging to maintain.

I have had so many clients release weight from following plans such as Whole 30, group exercise challenges, Vegan or Paleo programs or trying a new approach to their Monday starts. All of these clients can recall how wonderful they felt as they were soaring through these programs and their life the first time they implemented the guidelines. When we review what was working so well with them, they realize there was less life stress, more support, emotional ease and everything just felt easy. No wonder we become attached to these “programs” because we claim it was their doing, however there is so much more to it!

This alignment is what we call the zone or flow. We love these days, weeks, months or years. Everything just works and it feels effortlessly to achieve our results. This sweet spot lowers our cortisol, keeps our blood sugar balanced and helps us stay in choice versus reacting to stress. How do we stay in the sweet spot? What stops us from repeating this a second or third time? Do we begin the process with an expectation from the past? How do we take into account what our NEW needs are in the present moment? How do we keep adjusting our plan to keep supporting us?

3 tips to stay in the FLOW:

  1. Begin your day with a body scan ritual: The #1 thing that can block you to your goals is NOT being connected to your body in the present moment. Whether you begin your day with meditation, gratitude, a stretch routine, singing a song in the mirror or laughter, check in. Every day is different and every body is different each day. If you have a tough workout on the schedule and you wake up exhausted or your resting heart rate is to high, do not do it! No pain no gain days are DONE! Be compassionate toward your body and you may need to relax, walk, stretch or call a friend instead. Take a minute to feel your physical body and see what may need more attention then tune into those emotions and see which ones need to be journaled about. When you feel it, you heal it and those emotions are blocking your lungs from exhaling toxins, your kidneys to release water retention and your liver from allowing the emotions and glucose to filter through.
  2. Prepare yourself before every meal: In the movie, there was a behavior specialist that shared something super important. While you are cooking dinner, your body is preparing the organs that food is coming, so your digestive juices from saliva to your stomach and through your entire intestine is ready to receive nutrients. Compared to going through a drive thru, eating food standing up over the sink or eating to stuff down emotions, we set our bodies up for way more work. I am coming out with a 3-step process that will help you eliminate this issue forever. Step one is FEEL: Take 5 deep breaths to relax your nervous system and give the organs the oxygen it needs to function. When we eat from this relaxed state, we get out of fight and flight and ssupport our bodies from the overstressed sympathetic nervous system to the more chill parasympathetic nervous system.
  3. Observe the subtle senses: You know that feeling when you are craving something lighter or when we need a meal that will help you feel more grounded? Where does this come from? Chinese medicine calls it yin/yang and this is how our body finds balance and equilibrium. We have our main 5 senses; taste, sight, smell, hearing and touch, however we have over 22 other senses that can help us make small adjustments each day. Another example is when you wake up feeling super tired and you can’t decide what you need. Your body is overworked and needs a break. Stay hydrated and pack a snack until you feel more certain and connected. Over-stressing the body is what can keep from finding your flow and the fear that you aren’t doing it right is what doesn’t make the program work the second time around.

As I keep evolving my coaching experiences with amazing thought leaders in the industry such as Jon Gabriel and Kris Carr, my approach to support clients continues to unfold. I am currently upgrading the Conscious Nutrition 3-week RESET (Party. RESET. Repeat.) and am so excited to share my simple 3-step process to help you create constant flow in your life.

The next RESET begins October 1st and to help you continue to feel supported as you RESET every day you can join the private Conscious Nutrition Community. We offer Seasonal (3-month) and annual membership options so you can stay tuned in to yourself.

To learn more, please email me or visit the website to join the RESET! 

Let’s continue to practice our flow,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N.

P.S. This is Jon Gabriel and I! If you have trouble sleeping and haven’t checked out his evening visualization, I suggest you download it and give it a try here! 

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