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Welcome to your 22 day process!



Click below to download the files containing the Intuitivarian Guide u0026amp; Journal to follow along with each video. Also, more information and support below:

Your Materials for Phase 1: Read The Intuitivarian Guide Book u0026amp; The Journal Directions

  1. What Your Yes Feels Like? p. 17, 18, 19. Begin lowering your cortisol and other hormones to communicate by feeling your Yes. 
  2. Journaling Overview
  3. Meditation Practice begins and gradually increases during the 22 days. Begin with 5 minutes if you are brand new. 
  4. Releasing the list of inflammatory foods on page 27, Grocery list on page 26.
  5. Learning the Different Meal Types: Food Tree Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VImKmybJPJMu0026amp;t=17s
  6. Feeling your true u0026amp; tricky hunger (emotional eating support coming soon)

FEEL your YES: Download the 3 page guide here: Conscious Connection Guide

Feel your Yes: The Conscious Connection Flyer: Hand on your heart and tummy

  1. How to Hear Your YES! Clear your mind. Alignment with yourself. Every day is different and we need to adjust.
  2. Personal Muscle Testing (Donna Eden’s Energy Work)
  3. What is Intuition? Reach the research in the guide book regarding the Vagus nerve. 

To have an overview of the entire process, visit the link below to download the Cliff notes:

Intuitivarian Process Outline