Watch your thoughts about…Yourself

We were trained to watch about how we treat others, how about the way we treat ourselves? I was blessed to meet this amazing woman @ The Omega Institute with the Gabriel Method Program. Mariah Gladis shared how self love has kept her alive and truly living fully. Check out her movie trailer below.

Mariah Movie

My favorite quote she shared with us was, “pretend like you and I are walking arm in arm all day, and you have to tell me every thought that comes in your head. I have a sense I am not going to have a very good day.”

That is all of us. We are human beings with insecurities, lack of self worth, and denying who we truly are.
What does this have to do with food? EVERYTHING! Do you have a loving relationship with food? Or are you in your head through your entire meal thinking about what you “should” have ate, or how you are going to “control or limit” your next meal. This is a fearful relationship with food.

Just like in relationships with others. You do not want to nurture your jealousy bone, co-dependent tendencies, attracting people to reject you, or other dysfunctional habits.

However, you want to nurture healthy communication, connection, trust, support, honesty. These are habits that support balance and love.

How do we change our relationship with food?

Observe your thoughts with love. What we resists persists. Watch your thoughts and self-talk consistently. For example. That donut looks good. Oh, I can’t eat that, I am bad, it is bad, I am on a diet, what would others think of me, I just went to a weight loss class, I would have to work out more, on and on.

Instead: O donut, you are so pretty. What a delight you are. Does my body really need this or am I missing something in my day that would nourish me more? Would a tea with awesome honey support me? Do I need some nuts with a sweeter fruit?

Sweet foods help the body build tissues and calm the nerves. Maybe some visualization, breath, meditation or other stress relief practices are more important at this moment than the donut. If you choose the donut, trust and love yourself. If you beat up the donut and YOU, this is a recipe for disaster and self destruction.

Sugar can stay in your blood for 3 days to cause more sugar cravings. Keep herbal teas, nuts, veggie juice, digestive enzymes and fruit handy for when this witching hour appears. Observe with love and compassion and take small steps forward toward a more delightful relationship with food.

We are all in this together,
Heather Fleming

P.S. Take a look at the next 3 week program coming up. Do not think of it as a “restriction plan”, however a course in compassionate self awareness as you experiment with your body.
The 3-week RESET with me begins on Monday, September 14th (day before my birthday:) via phone and recorded for your convenience.

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