Warning: Side effects of increasing your nutrition awareness.

As we feel 2020 winding down a bit, I have been reviewing what my purpose is in my business and the world.

When I hear and sense people being so hard on themselves about their body image, health, and criticizing some of the choices they have made, I physically feel my heart hurt for them. I have been there and can go there with myself at a drop of a hat. Grabbing your friend’s hand or your own before you fall down that rabbit hole, will offer us an entirely different perspective, then once we fall in way too deep and can’t get out.

When this moment of falling into the hole happens, what do you do for yourself or a friend?

I consider many things at that moment?

  • Am I being compassionate?
  • Am I listening with my FULLY resourced psyche or are my personal fears being projected?
  • What can help everyone feel safe and be less critical at this moment?
  • How can I transmute this guilt/shame/fear loop? Usually being truly present and then the most magical gift…

The more we can appropriately laugh WITH ourselves and our help our friend’s insecurities be heard, we can then shift the criticizing into a more considerate mode of communication. My experience of laughter isn’t sarcasm (or scarcasm 🙂 , being witty or a smart-ass, it is more about the deep places where the shame resides. This is a delicate balance and only share with people or health care professionals you trust. Be careful of that one friend or family member that may be the one that can make it worse.

I recently had a personal letdown, and the morning after, I woke up and wrote jokes about nutrition and the health field. I processed the embarrassment a lot faster with my creative expression and later that evening I practiced a comedy bit for friends, now you get a taste:)


Side effects of increasing your nutrition awareness:

  1. Less mental obsession around what to eat. Remember when you use to call your friend every night and tell her every morsel of food you ate that day?
  2. Less time spent worrying about what to eat. How many times did you open and close your refrigerator today without grabbing anything? What else could we do with all that time spent? Write a book, paint a self-portrait?
  3. More time to be a good listener to your loved ones. Instead of counting your macronutrients at the dinner table, you actually would have to listen to your friends and family:)
  4. Have stable energy levels throughout the day. You can dust off your bike to go for that ride you have been thinking about for a lot of years
  5. Your energy level and mind are ready and willing to do some of those tasks you have been putting off. We can finally clean out the attic, take it all to Goodwill and not stop rounding up on our taxes:)
  6. Meal planning becomes more enjoyable. Definitely NOT 100% of the time, but way more often. Because you deserve a night out of the kitchen.
  7. You are less reactive and grouchy at people who trigger the heck out of you. Oh, you will still be annoyed, but you will respond with grace instead of reacting from the real thoughts in your head.
  8. Your skin glows a little more. When people keep giving you compliments, you start to receive them with ease, instead of interrupting them and not receiving the gracious compliment.
  9. Your want to tell everyone how great your poops are! I call myself a poop whisperer. If you have healthy poops, you want to shout it from the mountain tops.
  10. Oh, yay, your clothes start to feel better on your beautiful body. Instead of judging your body and focusing on how many pounds you lost and gained that day, you wear and buy clothes that make you feel and look great.

If you are excited to be more curious and less judgmental with HOW your critical brain relates to your food choices, it is time for my LAST LIVE one-week Appetizer course of the year.

I timed it to support you before a very intense week. It begins on Tuesday, October 27th, ends on November 3rd, which in the States is going to be one heck of a day.

This course is ALL about…

~finding your own hunger signals and rhythms

~learning about your unique cravings and what your body is needing more of

~balancing your blood sugar during times of stress

~helping your nervous system and brain relax

~supporting your small intestine to absorb more essential vitamins and minerals

AND most important, being WAY LESS critical with yourself.

Click here to sign up! All calls recorded for your listening convenience and you have access to the entire course for 3 months!

You have until Tuesday, October 27th @ 4 pm PST to sign up to receive the zoom link and course info from me! 

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