Wabi-Sabi: The perfection of IMPERFECTION

This morning during my amazing Maui holiday, consisted of fresh veggie juice and conversation with a local organic farmer.
We were discussing my field of work and out comes “Wabi-Sabi”. He mentioned I am helping others try to find the perfection of imperfection.
Most people have an all or none approach to nutrition, life, career, etc. Wabi-Sabi means the beauty of imperfection. No matter if you “mess up” on your diet, life will still go on. It is the perception you have of what is right or wrong, good or bad, black and white.
Many of my nutrition peers educate with a fear based approach, which is not my style. Many people become stuck in patterns of always trying to be perfect, seeking approval, over-achievers, being “right”, putting others’ needs first, fix or rescue others, hiding our potential, being a control freak, defensive, compulsiveness and many more. These patterns leave you feeling malnourished and disconnected to your body. Also, leads to over eating, low self worth, more stress, DIS-EASE, and heaps of emotional baggage.
I challenge you for the New Year to be an engaged observer to these patterns that keep leading you to self-sabotage. You DESERVE the life of your dreams, the health that you desire, and the feeling of FULL-fillment and Freedom.

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