Vegetables are the New Drug

I am not an addiction specialist, however I haven’t met too many people without one.

Anywhere from being addicted to repetitive negative thoughts, certain foods, the usual suspects, exercise, and even addicted to worrying about being busy and stressed.


I use to not work with people who “didn’t eat vegetables”. However, now that I got over being a brat, I realized that they didn’t crave vegetables because their body rejected them.

Why? Their bodies were acidic not alkaline, thus when they ate vegetables it caused nausea, stomach upset and even a gag reflux. No wonder they blamed the vegetable consumption. Also, if you have any malabsorption issues you are not breaking down the food correctly. Initially, try more cooked vegetables or juicing until you can handle raw vegetables.

Not all of us get the amount of vegetables we need in a day to provide the nutrients to support our organs, bodily functions, and toxin removal.

5 Secret Ways to make veggies become your new drug:

1. Add 2 handfuls of veggies into your morning egg scramble.
2. Throw 2 handfuls of spinach into your protein shake
3. Grab veggie juice to go @ 3 pm in the afternoon to rejuvenate your mid afternoon
4. Plan your main meals with vegetables being the main dish, and meat or starch being the side dish.
5. Add powdered greens with water any time of the day, when you just need a life adjustment. One of my favorite greens are:

Adding in vegetables will support the body in homeostasis which will balance out your nervous system so those other addictions do not take precedent.

Cheers from your veggie addict consultant,

Heather Fleming

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  1. Heather – once again, another fantastic post. Through your guidance, I have added many more vegetables (and fruits) to my diet over the past two years and can attest to the vegetable addiction (much healthier than some other addictions I might succumb to on occasion).

    One of the ways I’ve achieved my veggie addiction is with Juice Plus+, a whole food based product. Juice Plus+ capsules contains the nutrition of 25 fruits, vegetables, berries and grains. After the best fruit and vegetable varieties are grown, harvested, cleaned, juiced, and dried, they are then blended into nutritious Juice Plus+ products. I love the fact that Juice Plus has been on the market since 1993 and has had over 30 clinical research studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals that shows Juice Plus helps support heart health, a healthier immune system, and more. I also feel safe knowing that Juice Plus+ contains what is says it contains and does not contain ingredients not listed on the label, such as harmful herbicides and pesticides. This is certified and inspected by NSF, the not-for -profit public health and safety company, as confirmed by the NSF seal on every Juice Plus+ bottle or pouch.

    Thanks again for all you do to promote healthy eating. It has become one of my key passions – Eating many more veggies and ensuring I bridge the gap daily when I don’t, with my Juice Plus+.