Upgrade your sub-conscious

Has one of your failures become one of your greatest experiences? Remember that one time when I fell in love with a yacht captain and we bought a sailboat together? Oh, dear, we broke up soon after, and I got the boat. Feeling hopeless and over my head, I ended up living on that boat for 4 rocky years, expanded my business and friendships, and now it has become one of the most reflective (get it) times in my life.

We have experiences in our lives that leave stress marks in our nervous system. Our nervous system can hold on to good and bad stressors to protect us and then can create good or crappy beliefs. This boast stressor rocked me and my nervous system and led to a habitual thought pattern.

I have a habit of “waiting for the other shoe or anchor to drop”. I feel it in the center of my chest and it happens when I hear a weird sound in my car, or when I have ENOUGH money and sense something is going to happen to take it all away, or someone hasn’t replied back to an email and I feel I offended them and of course they aren’t at all. WOAH! Does any of this sound familiar to you? This is NOT our conscious mind, because all of this does not make logical sense. This is called our subconscious mind.

The definition of subconscious: “concerning the part of the mind of which one is not fully aware but which influences one’s actions and feelings”

Your subconscious’s capacity is virtually unlimited and it permanently stores everything that ever happens to you. Have you done a nutrition program in the past and had great success with it, and when you try it again you do not see the same results? Your nervous system and subconscious is being overprotective and this is why….Are you ready…

Your subconscious mind through your autonomic nervous system practices homeostasis by balancing your body temperature and breathing. And mentally by keeping you thinking and acting in a manner consistent with what you have done and said in the past. All your habits of thinking and behavior are stored in your subconscious mind. It has memorized all your comfort zones and it works to keep you in them.

Your subconscious mind causes you to feel emotionally and physically uncomfortable whenever you attempt to do anything new or different, or to change any of your established patterns of behavior. The sense of fear and discomfort are psychological signs that your subconscious has been activated. And it has been working to establish those behavior patterns in the background long before you’ll ever notice such feelings.

For us to grow and get out of our comfort zones, we have have to be willing to feel awkward, uncomfortable and fail doing new things the first few times. That is why the nutrition program you initially tried had an impact the first time. You had a curious mindset and didn’t “know” what was right or wrong for you. How can we wake up every day with this clear slate and look at our nutrition fearlessly?

How to approach your nutrition fearlessly and upgrade your subconscious:

  1. Do not go into autopilot first thing in the morning. Give you and your body time to decipher what you need for breakfast. Do you need a piece of fruit to stimulate your digestive juices? Do you need a big hot breakfast because you skipped dinner the night before? Check in and make sure you are not just going through the motions and eat what you usually eat to prevent feelings of fear.
  2. What main habit everyday is preventing your from your health goals? I use to check my emails first thing in the morning. This lead me to always feel behind and anxious all day. Now, after hydration, meditation and some me time, most days I feel like I have all the time in the world to approach tasks and creative projects. What habits are creating more chaos in your day?
  3. Approaching the New Year with new intentions: How many of us feel like we didn’t get enough done this year? So we go into the New Year carrying our old baggage. Try a new approach this year and DO NOT begin anything on January 1st:) Give yourself some space and journal for the first couple of weeks and join me for the Intuition for Nutrition 22 day process on Januray 15th. (Intuitivarian is tough for people to say:) We will ONLY be experimenting with your body and learning how to observe the cues your body is giving us on when to eat meat, or vegan meals or when to skip breakfast.
  • We will have 3 meetings that review the logistics of the program and 3 meetings with guest speakers to provide more content to support your healthy lifestyle.
  • Logistical & Weekly review calls: Monday, January 15th, 22nd, 29th @ 5 pm PST and recorded for your listening convenience.
  • Guest Content calls: Thursday January 18th, 25th, February 1st @ noon PST and recorded for your listening convenience.

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I was up in Los Angeles doing a couple of interviews and celebrating the super moon this week to wind down the year. The theme for this month’s full moon is Upgrade, which ironically was what I initially named the boat. Check out my interview on MJ’s podcast Life Lessons from a Total Failure, and share a few laughs regarding nutrition, failure, boat toilets and MJ trying to set me up with a fellow health coach.

Life Lessons from a Total Failure podcast

Have an upgraded week,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N.


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