Turn Obsessive Cravings into Connected Cravings

Every time I research emotional eating and cravings, I notice there are a list of steps to STOP the triggers and replace emotional eating. So, guess what, I am going to IGNITE emotional eating. What if we are only suppose to learn from these intense cravings. Maybe our body needs more water, rest, certain Vitamins and minerals. So, let’s embrace these messages and practice implementing what our true needs are. Who’s with me?

I am a professional emotional eater. I use to use food to make me feel something or numb out feeling everything or anything.  How about we feel the emotion fully, feel into the tension with compassion then adore the craving and finally align with the food? Instead of making the food carry the burden of the unwanted emotions and then not feeling well after eating the food. Does this feel scary or does it feel so right?

I believe we crave sensations, textures, flavors, and a feeling of nostalgia and euphoria. What if we can have it all, feel healthy, eat well, feel light, and LOVE our food?

I have been experimenting with cooking videos these last few months to share my happy mindset, love and joy that I have with food. I really don’t want to spend all my energy consumed and obsessed with food. I want to think of food in an instant and smile, just like the same feeling you experience when a friend calls that you haven’t spoken too for awhile.

What if your connection to food and meal planning can be as effortless and automatic as breathing? What if the obsessive thoughts are habitual and trying to sabotage you and make you disconnect?

I use to use chocolate for comfort like a baby blanket, I would actually worry if there wasn’t any in the house. About the middle of last year, all of sudden I noticed I didn’t by chocolate to have at home for over 6 months. If you would have “made” me not buy chocolate, we would not have been friends anymore. However, after diving deeper into the physical and emotional aspect, chocolate and I have a calmer and less obsessive relationship.

Here are some aspects of my NOW less obsessive and more connected craves… CHOCOLATE

The physical response to chocolate: Sign of low magnesium, dehydration & lack of essential fatty acids.

The emotional response to chocolate: Craving more mental stimulus in your life.

What to do to support the physical: Add raw cacao nibs. Add 250mg of Magnesium @ night. Increase Omega 3’s through out the day and at evening time. (Chia Seeds, walnuts, flax oil, krill oil.)

What to do to support the emotional: Take deep breaths. Pick up a good book, go to a museum, a lecture, or try a new body awareness class.

Which foods take up so much of your mental energy that you want to shift your consciousness around them?

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This week’s video is for anyone who needs a light snack prior to an activity that they don’t want to feel bogged down before their adventure:

Crave and play,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N

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