Try these 4-Steps to choose what is best for you!

We can learn a slew of eating modalities, such as Intuitive Eating, Intermittent Fasting, the Mediterranean Diet, Paleo, and veganism.

Then, we have heaps of resources that assist us with our complex psyche, feelings, trauma, relationships, nervous system sensitivities, and empathy.

When we combine the intellect with emotions, we can call this our instincts and intuition.

While working with heaps of clients, I see them stuck in a foxhole or freeze mode, either from past grief or from fear of the future.

They feel overwhelmed by so much effort, confusion, and discouragement they feel they cannot decide, so they throw in the towel.

It doesn’t thrill me to tell people what to do, hold them accountable, or follow more life rules.

What thrills me is when they are SO kind and compassionate with themselves and make a choice with PURE conviction.

You can recondition your mind to help you make choices that help you uplevel your energy and state.

How many choices do you make daily, and how do you discern the right option?

Do you make these decisions, enjoy the process, and achieve your desired results?

I created these 4-Steps to help you choose by combining your emotions and physical sensations.

Our minds can be so strong that we push down our feelings. Like a volleyball underwater, those strong emotions will pop up, causing you to react when you least expect it.

Much research shows that our emotional health contributes to our physical symptoms.

You can practice these four steps on your own. If you haven’t received your mantra yet, take the Food Relationship Type quiz here!

This mantra helps you snap back to the present moment, self-soothe, and return to a regulated nervous system.

If you resonate with these steps and are ready to try something different than what you know, please download this FREE gift by using this coupon code: Intuitive2024

Check out the 4-Step guide here!

You will receive more details and an educational video to learn more about the Whys, behind these steps. Practice these 4-steps every time you aren’t certain what choice to make, whether out to dinner, grocery shopping, or even which exercise routine you prefer that day.

Or, if you are ready to take it further, let’s work together. We can help you not feel like your food choices, nervous system, health, and psyche are under attack.

Set up a time to see if we are a good fit:)

Let’s MEET!

P.S. Join me for this month’s Guest Speaker: Paula Robbins.

I will be interviewing the outstanding Paula Robbins next week. She will guide us in a short hypnotherapy session to help us choose from our present state versus a fearful, conditioned state.

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with abundant nourishment,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N. ​Conscious. Compassion. Nutrition.




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