Try not to THINK about your nutrition

I counted macronutrients by either grams or percentages for over a decade. Thinking that if I got my macronutrients perfect then my health would be perfect. Did it work? No. But did I learn a lot? Yes.

There are a few logistics we need to learn about nutrition.

  • The NEW way of How to read labels: Instead of looking at calories and grams, review the ingredients at the bottom. Be observant of food preservatives, food colorings, added sugar, sugar substitutes, hydrogenated oils, and heaps of ingredients that are used to cheapen our food and are illegal in other countries. It is up to us to change what food is being produced for our health and not for money or marketing. Here is a that goes more in-depth.
  • Processed foods impair hormonal function: I had a client that didn’t even taste a real blueberry before. They thought that the processed blueberry in a muffin box was a real blueberry, It isn’t that it was fake, but it was dehydrated and processed with sugar and syrup. We have all grown in different socio-economic groups and food insecurity is REAL. It takes time, commitment and resources to purchase whole foods. The first thing to shift is your meat, eggs, and dairy. Find local sources that you trust and invest in purchasing these. I found organic, local eggs that cost less than the grocery store eggs.
  • Combine Quality Ingredients: For us to absorb vitamins and minerals in our small intestine, we need to properly break down the food we eat by chewing and quality stomach acid. Most people are suffering from compromised stomach acid, causing heartburn, acid reflux, IBS, food sensitivities, and digestive difficulties. Before you grab antacids or other bandaids that can cause more stress, review the 4 different Meal Types from the and try less Combined Meals.

If you are ready to practice, join me for The LIVE FREE 5-Day program below.

For 5-days we will EASE-IN and not ‘tackle’ ourselves. This does NOT work.

Instead, we will…

  1. Gently REDUCE inflammatory foods for 5-days: The main foods we reduce are dairy, wheat, soy, eggs, beef, pork, deli meats, and processed sugars.
  2. Work WITH our resistance and our rebellious minds: We will work with why and how our mind causes us more stress and inhibits us from making changes.
  3. Try new meals, rotate the 4-Meal Types, and add in NEW ingredients your body is starving for: Most of my clients are NOT eating enough. They need more food with higher quality ingredients. You will NOT eat less, you will eat more and ignite your digestive fire.
  4. Calm your nervous system and compulsive mind: I am feeling some nervousness about ‘not doing enough’ before 2022 has even started. The ‘not enough’ syndrome runs deep in all of us. And the only way to shift this is believing in ourselves and trusting ourselves every step of the way.

JOIN me into stepping into 2022 with a feeling of enough and heaps of nourishment.

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with abundant nourishment,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N. ​Conscious. Compassion. Nutrition.

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