Try Adding Coconut Oil to your Coffee or Tea

I recently returned from Rancho la Puerta, a beautiful retreat center in Tecate, Mexico. The food is delicious, however I thought that a few of the patrons and I needed more healthy fat in our diets. We started to add coconut oil in our tea in the morning for added fat for fuel.

In my practice, I have seen coconut oil support everything from eczema to fat loss to thyroid support. Some cultures call the coconut a “functional food” due to the healing capabilities. The saturated fat in coconut is from Medium-Chain Fatty Acids, this is the fat that is found in breast milk for brain and nervous system development.

The benefits & uses of coconut oil include:

1. Anti-bacterial & Anti-fungal: Take a teaspoon in the morning for an immune system booster
2. Enhances cognitive thinking: Take a teaspoon on a day if you have foggy brain or need more mental energy
3. Improves athletic performance: The fatty acids in coconut oil are an energy source for exercise.
4. Supports body fat loss: YES! Healthy fat can assist your body in releasing adipose fat.
5. Protects & hydrates skin(your largest organ): Add it to your moisturizer and sunscreen
6. Best oil @ high heat: Replace your olive oil with Coconut oil, due to it has a higher heat point for cooking.

Have an oily day,
Heather Fleming

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  1. Heather, You told us about coconut oil when you were working in Dr. Howe’s office. I fry fish and chicken exclusively in coconut oil. Have for years. We order it from Tropical Traditions. I also replace the oils in baking recipes with coconut oil. I recently saw an article and video from Pat Robertsons show (on-line) and he was tauting coconut oil for the brain and Alheimzer’s prevention orGlenda at least to help ward it off.I enjoy your blog.


    1. Hi Heather,
      I believe you are right on with this. I am convinced this is one of the things that gives my body and brain, that “Ahhhhh” feeling. Absolutley love your suggestion of Kale cooked in coconut oil; I prepare this with a fried egg and it’s one of my favorite breakfast meals!

      I do have a question in response to Glenda’s post…wondering if you can substitute coconut oil in equal portions for oil required in baking recipes? (my kids are insisting they need corn oil to make brownies, but I don’t want to buy that…)

      Thanks! Julie

  2. Thank you Glenda!! Yes, Tropical Traditions is my favorite brand! I think it is the freshest! Keep up with all you are doing, you sound great!

  3. Hi Heather!
    I love reading your brilliant and practical advice on health!
    Was wondering where does coconut milk and coconut water fit? Do they carry the same benefits as the coconut oil?
    Thanks for all you do!

  4. Thank you all for the brilliant questions and comments:)
    Yes to equal parts of oil (maybe even a tad bit less due to the consistency).
    Coconut milk is a great replacement for cow’s milk, the health benefits are still great, not quite as wonderful as the oil.
    Coconut water is sugar so it isn’t the same consistency as the oil, but it is the BEST for an after work out hydration or v-ball:)