Trusting ourselves

I love my outdoor Stairmaster in Cardiff. It is the set of wooden stairs by the San Elijo Campgrounds.  I get to watch the waves, surfers, and get my dose of Vitamin D while I challenge my body up these 130ish stairs.

The other day, I was counting how many times I was going up and down, then I lost count and had an epiphany. Why don’t I just listen to my body and I know when it is best for me to feel complete with this one session of movement!

I went into day dream mode and felt so relaxed, and most likely the relaxed state had me doing the stairs more times than if I were to count.

So, I challenge you to let go of the monkey brain while you are exercises and actually begin to feel and trust yourself and begin the beautiful relationship with you!

See you on the stairs!
Heather Fleming

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