Tricks for your Starbucks Fix & My 75 Cent Secret

The coffee experience includes a warm mug, aroma, taste and richness, and the ritual of preparing or purchasing it. I recommend to live a fulfilled life and do not recommend an “all or none” attitude, definitely not with coffee. However, if you are experiencing chronic low energy, sleep disturbances and digestive issues, it may be of your best interest to turn off your coffee maker for a period of time.

Starbucks Strategies:

1. “Mucho Matcha”: This is my signature drink. Ask for 4 scoops of matcha powder in a grande cup with hot water. Matcha is finely ground whole tea leaves containing more amino acids and antioxidants than other teas. Also, this drink is only 75 Cents & 100 Cals:)

2. Top with 1/2 inch of Breve: Breve is steamed half-n-half. We were trained to drink low or non fat milks, however the fat in whole milk assists in absorption of fat soluble vitamins such as calcium and magnesium. Also, the Breve helps with satiety and blood sugar imbalances. (more dairy information in future blogs)

3. Oatmeal vs. the Pastries: I wanted to suggest a pastry, however the sugars were a bit too high for me to endorse. So try the plain oatmeal and purchase the small bag of almonds. Crush the almonds in the bag and stir into the oatmeal with a package of honey.

4. Zen Tea & other Herbals: Herbal tea is the best to drink 30 minutes after large meals. If you are dining out or having an upset stomach ask for 2 bags of tea and you can reuse a few times.
Heather Fleming

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