To Eat or Not To Eat Steak and Potatoes … Together

Do you remember the school lunch trays with the dividers? Sections for your meat, potato or corn, fruit cup, maybe a vegetable, and a carton of milk?

Thirty years ago when I was an adolescent, there were maybe 1-2 kids in my class that were moderately overweight. I had the most amazing school lunch cooks, I loved their food, some of it was homemade and all of it was made with heaps of love. So, why is it harder now and more children are overweight than ever before?

When you have a diet containing high quality food, a wonderful digestive system and an active lifestyle, you are likely to experiencing less food allergies, disease symptoms and diet restrictions. Your organs are working more efficiently and inflammation isn’t triggered as easily.

When our ancestors were hunters, gatherers, working in the dirt, and living more off the land they didn’t need to worry about how to divide or combine their meals in a certain way.

Most people I work with have high-stress lifestyles, elevated stress hormones, poor digestion and fatigue. Having clients try not combining meat (protein) and potatoes (starch) at every meal can reduce the amount of inflammation in their gut during digestion.

Proteins take a slightly acidic environment to digest properly in the stomach, as starches take slightly less acid to break down. Try combining your proteins with vegetables and healthy fats and if you are not eating starch then this will be easy. If you enjoy quality starches such as winter squashes, sweet potatoes, quinoa and rice, try having these meals with less protein and combine with vegetables and healthy fats.

Here are a couple of recipes ideas from my Conscious Nutrition Recipe Book for you to support this transition and look at meal planning a bit differently.

  1. Protein Meal: Halibut & Brussels Sprouts
  2. Starch Meal: Roasted Yams with Quince & Fennel

As you experiment with how food is combined and how your body responds, you will notice more energy, less bloating, mental clarity and your tight jeans will not be so tight.

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Enjoy your food,
Heather Fleming

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