Tips After A Long Weekend

Well, that weekend was a doozy. Valentines day chocolate, full moon, traveling, and an extra day of celebrating our past presidents. These weekends are wonderful for restoring our mental energy, however our bodies are not always as supported.

Post-weekend tips:

  1. Eat light the day after these weekends: Try to still eat every 4 hours, however make these meals and snacks smaller to support your digestive tract to catch up.
  2. Hydrate: Try to drink 1/2 your body weight (lbs) in ounces. Drink quality water every 2 hours to support your kidneys, liver, lungs to filter out excess toxins.
  3. More veggies: Try substituting one meal with just veggies. Whether it is a stir-fry, soup or a veggie juice. This will get your body back to alkalinity sooner than later.
  4. Stretch: Do a stretching routine or a yoga class. This will help your body release water retention, inflammation, and free radicals.
  5. Add coconut oil to your hot tea: Take a mid afternoon tea break and add coconut oil with your herbal tea. The coconut oil will give your nervous system essential fatty acids for recovery.

Keep Calm & Carry On,
Heather Fleming

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  1. Thanks Heather! Very timely advice. Haven’t thought to put the coconut oil in my tea, but will try that today.

  2. I was just thinking about this big weekend phenomena and of course you wrote about it! Brilliant! Thank you