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Ok, we have got to talk about poop! Have you had a lifetime of digestive issues? Whether you experience constipation or loose stool there are a few things we can cover to help you trouble shoot.

One day of constipation can be so uncomfortable, distracting and take you out of the game of life.

Step 3: Heal is all about observing how your body is responding.

What to do…

  1. Two Supplement: Digestive Enzymes & Magnesium: Saved my life! When I first started on healing my digestion, I felt lost and discouraged. Another health practitioner gave me some enzymes and instantly my body felt better. Since then, I have tried a few products and currently these are my two favorites (FYI: I am not a referral partner at this time), Enzymedica and Raw Revelations. I recommend rotating between a couple brands that you like, take two with meals or I find in between meals can be more effective. Especially if you experience heart burn and sugar cravings after meals. As for Magnesium, my favorite brand is Calm (Raspberry/lemon flavor). Make sure to start out SLOW and try taking it before bed to help with sleep.
  2. Drink water & have a small snack BEFORE your coffee or tea: The main causes for digestive issues are hydration & mineral absorption. I have seen many clients dramatically change their energy levels from this simple shift. If this feels impossible for you, try adding more nutrients to your tea or coffee. My two favorites right now are: MCT oil & Collagen powder.
  3. Try combining your foods differently: Food combining is legit! Most cultures do not mix certain foods and food groups together to help sustain a healthy digestive fire. Most people are experiencing compromised stomach acid, small intestine absorption issues and colon dehydration. Taking an antacid or purple pill can CAUSE more issues. You need to heal your digestive lining and one way to do so is to try meals that are combined more simply. The Conscious Nutrition Food Tree is your secret weapon. I created four Meal Types to help you experiment and practice with food combining. Initially, try to do LESS Combined Meals so your stomach and digestive organs do not have to work so hard to break down both protein and starches together in the same meal. Instead, try to have more Protein, Starch & Vegan Meals and save your Combined Meals for when you go out to dinner, celebrations and my favorite, comfort meals:).
  4. Have you ever tried an enema: I once had a VERY intense health care practitioner tell me if I wasn’t forcing everyone to do enemas I was doing a disservice. Woah, Shit (pun intended) was getting real. I am not here to force anyone to do anything, however gently coach you to take a look at what is holding you back from trying new health experiments. I do about one to two a year just to clear out the pipes. I personally do not resonate with colonics with water pressure, but if your body does, go for it! To learn more about enemas, head to this resource.
  5. Time to give your body a pause: A great way to rebalance your gut flora and give your mind some healthy parameters is to try short experiments and observe what you learn. One of my dear friends had a shift in her morning poo, so she decided to do some detective work. Each day she shifted one to two variables to see if that would help her recalibrate. After 5 days she got it sorted and all was working well. Do you feel empowered to do this on your own? If so, awesome! Or if you need extra assistance, check out my Jump Start Program. It is available for you to plug in any time on your own and conduct your own experiment of ONE. After the first 3 days (which can feel tough), most people get into their natural energy high and don’t want to stop the experiment! Learn more about the Jump Start here.

Now for the happy part! I LOVEEE volunteering or living on farms, and one of my favorites is Apricot Lane Farms in northern LA area. I found them on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday’s broadcast and cried at every one of their short films. I reached out and have had a blast with the garden team and can’t wait to share this amazing oasis with you. If you go see this movie, email me (reply back here) & you will receive 50% off my Jump Start Program and Spring is perfect timing to give it a try!

Biggest Little Farm Movie is being released on May 10th. Click here to view trailer and find out where it is playing in your local area.

P.S. My local San Diego Farmily:), come meet me at Landmark Theaters in Hillcrest @ 7:30 pm for the premier! You all will receive a coupon for 75% off the Jump Start program! Click here to get tickets and I can’t wait to hug you!

What if more farms would take on this approach? hmmm.

Biggest Little Farm

Stay firm and floaty,

Heather Fleming

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