Am I thin, young and smart enough to be teaching nutrition?

2 words. Los Angeles. My insecurities went flying up there. When I would be at gatherings with other like minded peers, I would feel these insecurities bubble up. How many times in our lives do we not feel enough? We are enough, and when we take one step at a time we will believe it.

Along with that bubbling up, came creativity and self expression. So, I put on the apron to protect me a bit while I got in front of the camera and practiced cooking demo videos. Now, this insecurity led to super fun videos, which gave me confidence and clarity to create my next process I am sharing with you on 10-10.

I do remember times when I was thinner, but wow, there was more anxiety, control and judgment in my life at that time too. We all have our peaks and valleys. As we learn from these, we gain more discernment to navigate the waters of our life. And along with these ups and downs we gather more self-compassion, way more compassion for others and insights.

Coming up on Saturday, October 7th @ TBA, join me for Facebook live from a TINY HOUSE!!! I will be making a fun Vegan Meal for the owners. I am looking into purchasing a tiny house and it comes as such a beautiful time as I am launching Intuitivarian 22 on 10-10. (the picture at the top of this blog is the kitchen of the new tiny home)

Here is my personal Facebook:

To learn more about the apron story and why 22 days both clinically and emotionally, click below and you can peruse my youtube channel, where I have been making heaps of cooking videos for you as I have been creating the content of the Intuitivarian 22 day program.

To take a gander at some of the details and more information to follow about what you receive during your 22 day process

Thank you for being a part of my ever evolving process and extra gratitude your way we have all of our dreams come true.

See you live on Saturday,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N.

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