The Ultimate Habit: Meta Habit

Every Monday morning, the majority of people declare they are going to make healthy life style changes this week. By 2 pm in the afternoon after their second espresso and road rage, the intention is out the window. Then there are those people who DO make these changes. What is their secret?

It takes 21 days to create a habit (good or bad) & 90 days to break a habit (good or bad) Try to discover a personal reason that is bigger than the other excuses that haven’t worked in the past. For example, if it is “I want to lose weight” try–“When I am leaner I will feel more confident in my daily life”. Sense the difference? This is a META habit. This META habit will only direct you to follow healthy habits to create success in your life.

How to begin? Find small, tangible ways to improve yourself everyday, however understand that this is a constant work in progress. Focus on becoming excellent, not perfect, and practice this virtue everyday.

So, for fat loss:

1. Visualize yourself as the healthiest version of you. Watch your thoughts and only BELIEVE you are this person.
2. DO NOT try NEW programs on Monday morning, GEEZ! This is the worst day. Try to implement healthy lifestyle changes when you are relaxed and happy.
3. Journal daily. Discover what you love about your life and what you are wanting to change. Anywhere from your diet to your responsibilities. Make your life easier on yourself, you deserve it.
4. Hire a nutritionist:) hee hee Ok, seriously, hire someone who will help guide you to live the life of your dreams; personal trainer, life coach, an accountant, personal assistant, you name it.
5. Find 3 words that describe you or what you want to be, and remind yourself throughout the day what you are really all about. Mine are; Adventurous, Courageous, & LOVING.

Happy habit making,
Heather Fleming

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