The Timing of Combining

It was a cold, dreary night and my client didn’t want to force herself to eat “protein” she just wanted the fingerling potatoes and a salad. But the voice in her head would not let up and kept forcing her to not want those scrumptious little potatoes and just eat the chicken. How do we trust the real voice vs. the force the protein down your throat voice?

Thank goodness we had our appointment as the chicken and taters were in the crockpot. Watching her face light up about the potatoes and the thought of adding ghee and rosemary on top was THE ONLY answer I needed. Since she was a smarty, I had some scientific proof for her to feel better about her choice.

If you wonder whether a Vegetarian or Paleo type diet is better for you, don’t wonder any more. EXPERIMENT. After many years of researching, coaching, observing and asking successful health practitioners, the concept of food combining and gentle elimination food plans kept appearing.

I am so proud of this food tree as a simple visual to help you practice connection. We noticed that when most people ate “meat and potatoes” too often without being physically active, they began to have more digestive issues, weight gain around the abdomen, and lower energy. On the farm, my Dad and family could eat those types of meals more often due to the quality of the food, their work load, and walking to school and back, uphill both ways. (Dad that was for you)

The Conscious Nutrition Food Tree supports you try different meal combinations to support you at different times of your day and week. For example, the fingerling potato and salad meal is called a Starch Meal. Having this meal once every few days may help you with sugar cravings, becoming more alkaline, more energy and being a happier person. I have given people quality starches AT THE RIGHT time to help them with weight loss. The next day after the crockpot meal, when she ate the chicken with a salad that is a Protein Meal, and if she would have it all, that is a Combined Meal.

When you separate these you will be supporting your stomach acid to properly break down your food, and you will notice less bloating (woo hoo), quality absorption of vitamins and minerals which offers more natural energy, and more satiated between meals.

When you feel into your body using the The Conscious Connection Steps and then after step 3, you can dive deeper and ask if your body and/or soul needs a Starch, Protein, Combined Meal.

I tend to notice my clients, friends, and myself that we usually crave 1-2 combined meals a week, 2-3 starch meals per week, 5-7 Protein Meals (I LOVE fish), and 6-9 FREE meals per week.  What is a free meal? Basically raw foods, such as veggies and fat like a salad with avocado.

At the beginning, you may need more combined meals, especially if you are coming off sugar, soda, and poor quality carbohydrates. When your organs begin to function more efficiently, you will be able to clearly connect with what type of meal will support you at the right timing. Just like my client chose those potatoes that night and probably released 3 pounds of life stress for all the times she hasn’t allowed herself those little potato angels.

If you want to dive deeper, please visit my Youtube channel (also, I would appreciate your help, please subscribe, I need 100 subscribers to enhance my channel to do more videos) with a more detailed presentation regarding the Food Tree, or sign up to receive a Conscious Consultation that I design to break down different meal types for you to feel deeper and experiment with.

Thank you for combining your mind & heart with me,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N


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