The Nutritionist who DOES NOT believe in Moderation

Hello everyone! I am having a blast sharing the conscious nutrition philosophy and realizing how it is making people begin the process of trusting themselves.

You know the feeling after you have been on vacation and can’t wait to come home to your own food. This is CONSCIOUS NUTRITION.  This is you knowing your body and wanting it to have a break and reset from some of the food choices you made while on vacation.

Conscious Nutrition is about trusting yourself and learning about your body’s signals.  Just like a GPS system your body and inner guidance has just that.  There has been years and even decades of false beliefs and facts that separated you from this connection.

Now is the time to reconnect and listen to your GPS system and adjust the direction according to its signals.  Your body is amazing and wants to be perfectly healthy.  Think of all the crazy things you have done to your body and it still wakes you up every morning and takes on another day.

Moderation is a word I do not love. I don’t want people to live a moderate and comfortable life, however I want people to test their boundaries and redefine their healthy edges.  Once you become addicted to feeling healthy, then you will know how and what to do to get to this state.  Even if it means eating a pastry or two to understand what your body is trying to tell you.  Always remember, let go of guilt, and remember this is a journey and if you make a left turn instead of a right, just go skipping around the block back to trusting yourself.

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