The Nutrition Confessional

Happy New Year!

I have a confession. I ate a lot of cheese on New Year’s eve. I knew cheese was going to be released for the month as I chose to support my preparation for my own goals and to support the group process beginning on January 15th. Do I feel guilty? Not this time. But in the past I would ruminate over why did I do that or how come I don’t have better restraint? Now, that I live with different expectations in my life, I enjoy the moment and know when to dial back and not have the cheese or dial in and have it. This time as I enjoyed the homemade black bean enchiladas and the old guilt habit was replaced with excitement as I get to experiment releasing the dairy group for awhile. What are you ready to let go of? Is it a certain food for awhile, a habit, or a crappy thought pattern?

What helps you feel liberated during your day? Is it when you achieve certain success goals or when you spend quality time in nature or with your family and friends?  Or a combination of these and many other things? In the context of food, I have felt liberated both when I was on more specific programs, especially for shorter bursts of time and also when I am having fun and being in the present moment. Like the first time I tried raw vegan for a month, I felt great and now I know when to eat raw vegan meals to feel present. And I have also felt completely liberated learning about my cravings, being creative in the kitchen, and going with the flow. What does liberation in 2018 look and feel like to you?

When we approach the New Year with an all or none attitude, we may be malnourishing our bodies. WHAT? How can that be. To help your body find balance you have to give it quality nutrition. The organs are unable to let go of toxins if they are not getting the vitamins and minerals they need. So before you go on that protein shake program, Master Cleanse, only fruit or the never eat fruit again plan, try to let go of expectations from the results and enjoy experimenting and learning about your own process. My FAVORITE part of my job is when my clients begin to understand their own personal circadian rhythms and make decisions regarding their food and health from that place of connection and knowing of what their body truly needs.

For the next two weeks, I would be thrilled if you set up a mini-session with me as you confess what you are holding on to and we can discuss how you can approach experimenting with new intentions this year. I will provide you with some tips, positivity and answer any questions you may have regarding the Conscious Nutrition’s 22-day Intuitivarian Process. Click here to schedule your nutrition confessional!

Liberation in 2018,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N.

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