The Guilt Graph!

Hello Conscious Nut Supporters. As some of you might know, guilt is a dirty word in the Conscious Nutrition program.  On a mental and emotional level, guilt is a word with a low energy vibration.  On a physical level, guilt releases a stress hormone called cortisol and can increase belly fat.

After a gorgeous dinner at the sunset on the beach, the group wanted gelato. On Garnet, the main drag, in Pacific Beach is a great and REAL Gelateria.  The owner displayed the Guilt graph on the wall breaking down sugars & fats in specific items.  Of course Gelato is on the low and happy end, while a specific item from Cold Stone Creamery was the highest on the chart.

I didn’t prefer gelato this specific evening, however had a few samples of their drinking chocolate! Holy moly, delicious and beyond satisfying.

Enjoying the gelato without the guilt is key to living a healthy and joyful life.  Knowing when the gelato will support your mental and physical body is essential.  If your immune system is impaired or you have had an extra amount of dairy that day,  I would recommend to skip the gelato that day and enjoy on another day when these other variable align.

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