Besides Health, What Else Do We Really Need?

Your health is your responsibility. With the help and guidance of others to support your goals and purpose. You know when you are so excited by something and you want to share it with everyone, and no one is as excited as you? That’s cool, it got your juices flowing and that is what is important.

I have been approached by clients who want to purchase a gift certificate for a loved one to support them with their nutrition and health. I highly recommend not to invest without them contributing. Whether it is half and half or another agreement. It is similar to purchasing a pet for someone who is lonely or needing companionship. Could be a great idea or the worst idea ever. They have to be ready and willing to make the changes and commitment.

I wish we could give away all my stuff for free (which is why I love to blog to consistently support you on your journey) however that would be a disservice to the amount of time we have spent on it, and not supporting you investing in yourself. When you invest and commit to your healthy lifestyle, it takes it up a notch. You have more intention, focus, and clarity on your goals.

Another holiday idea for inspirational presents to help your family and friends become ready to dive in to their health are DVD’s. There are a plethora of health and wellness movies out on the market. Food Matters TV has a great selection of videos, these are a few of my personal favorites to get others rev’d up:

  1. Hungry for Change – An eye opener to help inspire others to feel empowered.
  2. Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead – about a man’s journey of juicing for 60 days, how it changed his life and others.
  3. May I be Frank – Frank is Diabetic, drug addict and morbidly obese. He finds my favorite restaurant, Cafe Gratitude, and it changes his life.

Please note these are affiliate links and if you decide to purchase, we will receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you). We spend quite a bit of time understanding the nutritional product landscape and only recommend the products that we feel are of the highest quality.

Cheers to you healthy presence,
Heather Fleming

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